Type is easy going, pay attention to others

Type B

                 On the opposite, B type
personality is easy going, pay attention to others crucial reviews and
consequently are pleased with work life. They get frustrated with the problem
not people and take the situation lightly. They are more likely to move along
with the flow. They respect others views and show positive emotions so
experience job fulfilment (Kirkcaldy et al., 2002). Type B individualities do
not experience anxiety for executing actions and are more comfortable, easy going
and put up with others (Bortner, 1969).

          Individuals with type B character obviously
have a reduced level of stress. They can work for a long time and never get
stressed even if nothing is completed. When a competition arises thy even don’t
mind letting go and just want to have fun. They love to discover new ideas and
love adventure. They love to enjoy and they have less anxiety levels.

             The two types of individuals A
& B are different in their ways of dealing with stress (Friedman and
Rosenman, 1974) . He recommended that type B are more capable to cope with
painful circumstances consequently reducing the probability to get medical
concerns. Personality B is more flexible and resistant to the other people. Research has shown that the relationship is low
between type B character and burnout (Kamaraj).

                 Type B do not control events or things
around them (Friedman & Rosenman, 1974). Relatively, B Personality were
good in dealing with stress due to family denials which is one of ostracism
dimension (Yasmin Janjhua and Chandrakanta). In opinion of Friedman &
Rosenman (1974), type B is also goal oriented like type A Personality, but not
obsessed at achievement.

Features of type B individuals are
as folllows:

Very well know their capabilities and continuously work for fulfilling their

These individuals appreciate their success.

Less levels of stress.

 These can get frustrated if they can’t fulfil their
dreams, but they are not worried about it

Accept their failures

They appreciate activities and contests, not for the only purpose of
successful but for the passion for the experience.

Sometimes they are too comfortable and laid-back that they don’t have
achieve the top of their professions.

They are even-tempered.

have good health

Do well with threat and failure

See the best in people

Knows how to have fun every moment

More enthusiastic about life

Put new individuals at ease

They like discovering concepts

They don’t always perform to win. They like the thought of “love for
the game”.

They are very flexible

Might procrastinate

They are patient

They are very calm