Unemployment Rate in Michigan

Where do you see yourself working in the next five years? Hopefully working for a major company making a lot of money. The job industry unfortunately has gradually decreased over the years in the United States, making it difficult to keep a steady job, or to even find a good one. Due to increased globalization, lack of education, health care prices, and the automobile industry, the unemployment rate has risen to a steady 6. 7% in Michigan alone. Michigan currently has one of the highest unemployment rates in the United States, and shows no sign of improving.

Michigan’s profits may be growing, but no companies seem to be hiring. Manufacturing jobs for one are skyrocketing, but instead of hiring more workers they are sending them across seas to work in other countries. This process of sending employees across seas to work is called globalization. Globalization means the tendency of investment funds and businesses to move beyond domestic and national markets to other markets around the globe, thereby increasing the interconnectedness of different markets (Dictionary. )

Globalization has become popular in the United States, and Michigan is a state that has been affected greatly by it. There are 71 manufacturing companies in Michigan that have been exporting jobs overseas, and 126 companies that have laid off employees due to the impact of trade (Job Trader. ) Walter E. Williams explains why Americans are being sent over seas and why it is wise for some Americans. Williams says that “American workers are just about the most productive in the world, however, our government and legal establishment have reduced that productive advantage” (Williams. NAFTA and other trade agreements are another reason why we are sending employees across seas, they believe it will strengthen our bond with other countries and help keep each country caught up with current technology (NAFTA. ) With trade agreements our jobs are being sent across the country by companies that think their employees will be better off working where products are highly wanted for their imports, but by sending employees away we are losing workers here in the U. S. which is causing the unemployment rate to rise even more.

Aside from Globalization, there a more reasons as to why unemployment is rising. Back in the day anyone could get a job anywhere they wanted no matter their education. If you want to find a good job now days you have to have at least a high school degree, and a bachelor’s degree. If you have less then a high school degree you only have a 20-40% chance of getting a job and those who have a bachelor’s degree or more have a 30-60% chance of a job (Yates. ) Education is very import and without it you can not get very far in the job industry.

Unemployment rates could be highly affected if education rates lower, because from the high technology we have we need smart, and well-educated people to handle any job. Employees who work at GMC or at the Ford Motor plant may be getting the boot soon because more and more employees are being let go each day. The automobile industry has not been doing as well as it has in the past, car prices have been raising and GMC and Ford can not afford not selling. Foreign cars are cheaper and better then cars made in the United States, making people wanting foreign cars rather then U. S. made ones.

Michigan contains the main headquarters of GMC, Ford, and Chrysler, with these companies not doing so well, they are letting workers go, because they can not pay for all the employees they currently have. The labor costs over seas are much cheaper then it is here, so therefore they sell their cars for cheaper prices, their cars even have better gas mileage. Plants will begin to close, and thousands of people will be losing their jobs. The auto industry is a huge part of the employment in Michigan, mainly because of the main headquarters, but with the cars not selling as well as they would like, the less employees needed.

They will be let go and once again the higher the unemployment rate in Michigan will be. With the unemployment rates rising, there is bound to be bad effects to our economy and the families who are the ones that lost their jobs. Some jobs are being affected more then others unfortunately; the jobs that seem to have higher unemployment are manufacturer workers, auto workers, labor workers, and some small companies. Technology could the reason these jobs are being taken over, because it can replace workers easily and fast. Hopefully technology will not take over, but with the smaller jobs out there it could be easy.

Some of the main effects unemployment that is taking on Michigan citizens is no health care, and no money to feed their family. Health care prices have been rising in Michigan and have caused businesses to not want to pay for health care for all their employees. With no health care, some employees will quit, or the employers will fire people so they do not have to pay as much for health care coverage. Having no health care is an effect of unemployment, which can lead to bad things, because without health care people who become very ill have no way of paying for treatment.

Aside from losing health care benefits, workers losing their jobs are losing their paychecks. Having no pay check means only one thing, no money. With out any money families will be struggling in many ways. When the families have no money, then they can’t feed their children, also poverty could become a reality if they don’t find a good job in time. Health care and hard earned money are very important, and without either one in time Michigan will have a lot of poor families struggling to get by, and possibly a lot more sick people who cannot have a sufficient amount of money to go to the doctors.

Michigan’s economy is declining, and unemployment rates are increasing. Globalization, education, and our automobile industry have had a huge impact on our employment rates, and neither one is going to let up anytime soon. There are many treaties written by the government on foreign trade, which will, if anything, lead to an increase in globalization, by having more then just manufacturing jobs over seas. Our education system seems to be steady, but there will be a higher standard of education expected for the higher paid jobs.

When it comes to the auto industry foreign cars are becoming more and more popular, Michigan automobile dealers need to think of something fast to make people want to buy our cars rather then our competitors. Losing the auto industries employees causes our employment rate to drop each month, because each month the auto workers are let go due to lack of money income. No one wants to live in a unemployed state, and Michigan will not go down in history known as the highest unemployed state in the U.

S. Someone will take a stand and start to make a difference allowing more available jobs, and having our employment rates increase, and unemployment rates decrease. No family should have to worry about losing their jobs in today’s world, and money should not be an issue. Unemployment is a social issue in Michigan, and the only way to solve a social problem, is to make the issue known to everyone, so something can be done.