Upon White people need to recognized that they

Upon asking several family members and
people from work who are immigrant about what the American dream mean to them,
most answered that its symbolizes freedom. Freedom to them is being part of the
community being considered U.S citizens, just another body in America who
wants to make a living. However, there are myth that set an unrealistic goal
for some people. For example, Alger’s
myth implies that we all have merits; we have the opportunities to develop them
no matter the obstacles that escalate in our life. Harlon Dalton argues that
black people are excluded from the concept of being successful and placed them
in racial category. Even today people are being racial categorized. Culture
innate our merits and we start to judge and set a standard or acceptance of who
can have the same merits. However, we can’t say which are correct or which are
better because everyone perceives experiences differently. However, people
don’t get jobs solely off merit. Merits are also shaped by the experiences we
have and how we come to perceive them. Alger’s myth suggest that mobility is
successful, we must create our own opportunities despite the circumstances. If
getting jobs solely on merit, then gender or race should not be an issue for
white people for the fear of losing power. Out of mind, out of sight; white
folks believe in the Alger’s myth because it doesn’t mention about racial,
gender setbacks created by them. Alger’s concept is a myth. White people need
to recognized that they are the reason for the fluctuation of inequality on
minorities and that they have been assisted by their own race to rise mobility.
­­­It is easier said, then done especially if white folks ignore the exact
obstacle that detain people from social mobility.The reality
is that the American Dream ideology does exist and it comes with positive and
negative element.  In a Dominant ideology, sets of cultural
beliefs and practices help maintain powerful social, economic and political

believe that stability in society depends on a consensus and support of
society’s members. Society issues are avoided, and the ideology of the American
dream is strongly advertising everywhere to convey people to find
jobs that will one day make them capable of reaching that ideology. The issue
is that people with the economic power persuade low and middle class to pursue
jobs that limits their social mobility. One positive is that in recent year the American Dream has been seen
through conflict theory allowing people to understand and realize that common
culture exists but that it maintains privileges of certain groups, who enforce
norms. Common culture, tie our cultural values of competitiveness and material
success to our country’s capitalist economy.

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