Veiled Sentiments Chapters 1+2

What is Bedouin traditional economy based on?
Mainly sheep herds, camel herds, land, wells,and agricultural practices.

Why is performed poetry used by Bedouin women?
These were described as a sentiment and were perceived by others as personal statements about interpersonal situations.

Is Bedouin a patri- or matrilocal society?

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Why do Bedouin woman veil?
Modesty. It is also a sign of respect towards the men. When a woman does not veil for a man it means she has no interest in him.

Name two aspects that changed the social structure because of globalization.

Women´s movements became even more restricted after settling down since they are in contact with much more strangers and since everything they need is inside town the always have to be accompanied by men. This including the amount of many more situations the have to veil in.2. Much more sex segregation since men have businesses that deal with many strangers and women cannot be present when those are there.

How many wives can a Bedouin man have and under which circumstances?
They can have up to 4 wives but have to divide evenly the time with all of them. Also they have to support them economically together with all the children.

Who do children go with when their parents divorce?
The have to stay with the father´s family because of it being a patrilocal society.

What happens to a woman after she divorces her husband?
She has to return to her family (father) given to patrilocal structure.

What is a client family?
A family that is paying back to a core family the service worth the amount of money.

What happens when a woman marries a man from a client family?
She has to serve to her husband´s core family as well, helping out with the plantations, herds and house.

Give examples of occasions/places to which woman have the allowance to leave town.
They have the allowance to leave town when having a doctor´s appointment. When the family leaves in another town the women can go visit them for any occasion such as funerals, weddings, etc.


Why did Lila Abu-Lughod´s father insisted in accompanying her?
If she had entered the tribe as an unmarried woman coming alone they would not respect her. They would have interpreted it as if her father did not care for her.

What were the limits of the author´s investigation when being identified as a member of the core family? The benefits?
She had limited movement outside the camp. This was not only a safety measurement from the core family but also because her actions outside the camp reflected on the family´s reputation.

Also because they wanted to avoid her incurring a social debt for them.

What is the difference in clothing between married and unmarried women?
Married woman wear black veils and red belts. Unmarried wear kerchiefs on their heads and around their waist?

Why do Bedouins believe the Egyptians are lesser off?
Because according to myths they had a family line to an inferior, pre-islamic past of servitude. They have a present worthlessness.

They lack honor seen in the insistence on using contracts in transactions presented a person´s word insufficient.

What is the basis of one´s authority or social precedence?
Family lineage

Why is solitude so abhorred?
Because they believed evil spirits would attack them if they were alone.

What is the main essential aspect to the definition of cultural identity?
Blood as a link to the past, through genealogy.

Why was nomadism abolished in Egypt?
Because it represented a phase of deterioration which is no longer compatible with the actualities of modern world. The government was also concerned Bedouins were not following rules or international borders and smuggling arms over borders.