Victorian Era and Victorian Poetry:

Queen Victoria
-ascended throne in 1837.
-ruled for 64 years.

reached the height of its economics and political power.

Reform Bill of 1832
Number of voters quadrupled

Other leg. that extended political democracy
-Controlling child labor
-Law abolishing slavery
-Providing system of public relief
-voting by ballot

England expanded into a empire
-sense of nationalism and self-satisfaction
-more insular, complacent and wealthy
-middle-class grew
-puritanism became popular
-moral bond tightened

Victorian Literature
-somber and factual
-realistic and classical
-reflects new scientific advances, the concern over social conditions.
-amalgam of neo-classical and romantic.

the Victorians wanted light comedy and farce

Victorian Poetry
Designed for 2 widely different levels.
1.) The exotic, pagan, colorful, emotional.
2.) Humanitarian, intellectual, didactic.