Visiting often made careful preparatory paintings. He always

Visiting the National Gallery, a huge influence on the idea
with perspective was given to me by the following artists: Giovanni Antonio
Canal, better known as Canaletto, 1697-1768, and Francesco Lazzaro Guardi,

They were the main Italian painters of views of Venice in the 17th
Century, and both were born in Venice, Italy. Their
artworks forced me to start thinking about what kind of technique they used to create
a great sense of distance and realistic view. The artists showed with
their paintings all the beauty of Venice in the seventeenth century, and not
only in the term of the architect, but also represented an unusual art-style. Canaletto
understood that providing a formulaic painting for viewers was very producing a
great deal of profit.  Furthermore, he
often made careful preparatory paintings. He always remained concerned with the
satisfying compositional idea, not simply blindly recording views. However, while
Guardi followed Canaletto in producing views, he soon developed his own style,
based on a freer handling of paint. He took particular pleasure in rendering
the vibrant atmosphere of Venetian light and its dazzling effect on water. To
achieve the effect both artists used different methods and facts about the
water surface. The viewer can notices that whatever is dark on dry land will be
lighter in the water and whatsoever is light on dry land will be darker in the
water. Francesco Guardi and Canaletto knew
that water is almost always darker than the sky it was mirroring, therefore
they used this rules to create such unusual effects by using such colours’
tones that would come less saturated in water reflections in contrast with
land. Even white he greyed down in the water. However, the artist didn’t use
the details as they changed the shape, therefore the basic smudges of colour
were need to create such effect; as well he avoided all hard edges in water

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