Vocabtest.com level E unit 4 sentences

She was AFFILIATED with the “poetry slam club” and the “you got served club,” which are two clubs it is pretty cool to be associated with.

I sent my lackey into the party to ASCERTAIN whether it was worth going to, but he never came back to tell me what he could find out.

We were all pleased with your ATTAINMENT of the gold medal, but do you need to flaunt your accomplishments by wearing them around your neck?

When she died, she decided to BEQUEATH her collection of porcelain dolls to me, which is not the most manly thing to inherit.

He offered a(n) COGENT argument for supporting communism, but I’m still not convinced by it.

When the walls started closing in on us, we began to CONVERGE on each other until Brian used a paperclip and a rubber band to somehow stop the walls from moving.

When we dumped our garbage out the skyscraper’s window, it began to DISPERSE all over tourists heads, causing a mess all over the street.

Many people seem to ESTEEM my charity work at the soup kitchen, and why shouldn’t they admire all my hard work?

We need to EXPUNGE all traces that we were at the Watergate Hotel and not leave any evidence behind.

The game is played with FINITE borders which we can measure with a ruler.

The fortress of solitude is INVULNERABLE to any sort of attack, but it’s weak spot is that there’s no real way to lock the front door.

The evil sorcerer felt MALEVOLENT toward all steelworkers but later found out in therapy that his ill-will was due to some unresolved issues with his father.

He was very NONCHALANT when he performed brain surgery, an unconcerned attitude that made many people wonder if he cared about brains at all.

Some people hope to become OMNISCIENT by reading the encyclopedia or by watching Jeopardy!, but I’m pretty sure these people are all mistaking knowledge for book-smarts.

. The doctor said he was from the future and gave me a PANACEA that not only cured my smallpox, but also got rid of my canker sores and regenerated my severed hand!

The Puritan minister was very SCRUPULOUS in all of his actions, taking weird precautions like never going out on a full moon, in an effort not to fall victim to sin

It’s important to SKULK when you’re playing with waterguns, but you might be mistaken for a burglar if you sneak around like that, so be careful of crazy gun nuts.

The rich wife was very SUPERCILIOUS toward everyone in town, making them all feel low compared to her, until the F.B.

I. investigated her fortune and she lost it all.

The resemblance of this tree trunk to Phil Collins is pretty UNCANNY, making me wonder if the tree possesses some eerie kinship to the talented Drummer/Singer.

Although egging cars was a VENIAL offense, we wanted to show the kids that the path to being a gang leader begins with petty crimes, so we sent them to jail.