Vocabulary List 21 Appreciating Poetry

The use of a word, phrase, sound, or line more than once.

The repetition of consonanst sounds at the beginning of words.

Words and phrases that call up pictures in your mind.

They appeal to your senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.

figurative language
The use of creative comparisons to describe familiar things in new ways.

A comparison between two unlike things that includes the words like or as.

A comparison between two unlike things that does not include the words like or as.

The description of an object, an animal, or an idea as if it were a human or had human qualities and reactions.

In poetry this can be a complete sentence, part of a sentence, or even a single word.

The shape of a poem and is determined by the line length which affects how a poem is read.

line breaks
The places where lines of poetry end; poets use these to add emphasis to certain words or phrases.

The beat in a poem created by stress or emphasis on some syllables and not on others.

The repeition of sounds at the ends of words.