Voltaire, is almost infinite. If there is such

I know you experienced a big earthquake in Lisbon, Portugal in 1755. I also
know that because of this huge tragedy you were seriously questioned the
existence of God. I read the poem you wrote in 1756 – “The Disaster in Lisbon”,
where you think there is a huge distance between man and the beast, as well as
the distance between man and higher level of nature. Then you deduce the
distance between God and all creatures is almost infinite. If there is such a
big difference between species, then the chain of existence is not a full,
regular step, so you do not think God exists. Do you have imagined that God has
every possibility in the creation of the world?  Let’s despite all the evil and misfortune in
the existing world, what is happening now is one of the best of all
possibilities, which illustrates God’s justice. Like that great earthquake,
without the goodness of God, the earthquake may cause more death and loss. In
this world everything exists in the order of God’s hierarchy, from low to high
to form a chain of existence. So, individually, there is indeed evil and
imperfection in the world, these evil and imperfections serve the harmony and
perfection of the whole world. This is the logical chain of this world with God.

Without God’s goodness, there will be more misfortune in the world. If God does
not have the power to eliminate misfortune, the despair will spread everywhere.

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            Hume, you did not try to tell us
what that morality should be. You just tell us how moral judgment is made in
real life. You argue that we can not rely solely on reason to make moral
judgments. Our reason can only deal with the facts and draw conclusions from
it. Such rationality can not help us make a choice. Only our feelings or
experience can tell us which option is most worthy of our practice. But do you know
experience do help us to grow and mature at the same time, sometimes experience
lead our thinking into misunderstandings? Because every experience is
subjective, but also unique. Due to different perspectives and different
worldviews, so the same experience may correspond to several different
outcomes. Do you deny all the subjective things, it is easy to bring
one-sidedness, limitations and blindness? If we fail to analyze and understand
our own experiences from time to time, we will easily fall into empiricist
errors and lead to erroneous conclusions. Only by conforming to the nature of
human beings and allowing them to freely develop their body and mind are real
ones, which means inner state, complete personality and spiritual freedom.