Volume to pre book tickets online for the

Volume and quality of stock purchased for
retail and catering outlets

The quantity of the retail goods at the SkyPark Gift Shop as well
as the volume of ingredients to order for the food and beverage restaurants
should be determined using the historical figures of the sales levels of the
products offered. When the appropriate level is accounted for, there would not
be any excess, leading to old and obsolete products or produce that are not
fresh. It helps with waste reduction and ensures that unsold food in the
catering outlets are kept to the most minimal.


Systems such as stock control, ticketing and

Using FIFO system in the SkyPark retail shops and food and
beverage establishments to reduce obsolete inventory and save costs. Systems
and Technology helps with queue management and implementing a fast pass
programme or allowing visitors to pre book tickets online for the observation
deck will help with capacity management.


Staff motivation and

Some of the  key engagement practices include the quarterly
“One MBS Achiever”, where the winners will receive a $200 cash prize for their
performance and annual Best of Best Awards, where some 50 employees will
receive a trophy as recognition of their hard work, and an all-expense paid
trip to Marina Bay Sands sister property in Macau.


Accidents which may
be avoidable or unavoidable

Accidents can be avoided and minimised when employees have greater
experience in their field, better training, constant reminders and stimulation
exercises and also, be exposed to historical records of similar incidents
before they begin the job.


Number of visitors
on-site at any one time

is a restriction of only 600 guests at the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck and
the infinity pool can only cater to 3,900 guests. Having
a carrying capacity helps employees to manage crowd control and cater better to
the service needs of guests. It also deters possible safety/security threats.



Staff Prejudices
Discrimination at workplace amongst employees and guests are
extremely common.  Employees may feel less inclined to serve guests from a
particular religion, race or ethnicity and guests are able to detect the
mocking/sarcastic treatment being directed at them.


Customer attitudes and expectations of the

internal marketing can help to reduce the gaps between the visitor’s expectations and Marina Bay Sands’
performance. As front-line employees have the most contact with guests, regular
feedback/suggestions should be collected from them to analyse customer


Customer tastes and prejudices in general

Marina Bay Sands can
understand and analyse guest’s needs and wants based on market surveys,
feedbacks as well as reviews on platform like TripAdvisors.



At the Sands SkyPark, both the infinity pool and observation
deck are located outdoors. As such, inclement weather will cause the
attractions to be closed off. In addition to inclement weather, the observation
deck is a vast, open area without any shade. The scorching hot sun may also
provide discomfort to guests as umbrellas are not provided by the



knowledge across different functional areas of the site

All Marina Bay Sands
employees should be cross-trained to improve their awareness on the different
departments as more knowledgeable staff will help to strengthen customer

understanding of visitor needs and behaviour

Using market surveys,
feedbacks, suggestions and historical analysis on sales of products in their
retail outlet and food and beverage establishments to understand guest

Ability to manage the
site as a whole while paying attention to detail

Developing a holistic
view but still be meticulous towards different target segments like special
visitor groups.

Ability to plan
systems and procedures in advance, but being flexible in response to changing

During scheduling of manpower, management must
be able to foresee likely visitor flows using historical data on number of
guest’s arrival during certain seasons/periods. In addition, when employees are cross-trained,
they can be delegated to different job scopes/departments if there are too many
guests and assist in crowd control.

Good communication

should constantly seek out and ask for opinions and ideas from both the
employees and guests using feedback/suggestion systems and allow employees to
remain anonymous. It is also important to consistently keep employees informed
about changes in operating procedures so that they can better respond to
customer queries and provide appropriate solutions as well.

Ability to work under
pressure and in response to crises

Employees should
remain level-headed and calm and always prioritise the safety and concerns of
guests by putting themselves in their shoes.

Good understanding of
the principles of management control and financial management

Important to
determine underperforming staff and counsel them and ensuring that the
property’s resources are not misused due to wasted expenses or pilferage.

Seeing things from
visitor’s point of view and understand staff concerns(empathy)
Management must come across as approachable to let visitors know
that he/she genuinely wishes to help and their concerns are being resolved.
Employees will also be motivated to know that their leader is interested in
their well-being and there to support and help them to the best of their