Volunteering anything that she sets her mind to,

Volunteering with Big Brothersand Big Sisters of Canada has been a very formative experience in strengtheningand applying my leadership skills. As an in-school mentor, I work with anelementary school student once a week to foster and set an example of apositive and healthy relationship. The reality of the world that we live in isthat there are many young people find themselves in vulnerable situations wherethey are faced with mental health issues, family violence, identity issues,poor living conditions, and other challenges. These adversities can hinderyouth from reaching their full potential.                        My responsibility as a mentor is to provide guidance andsupport to my ‘little sister’ so that the obstacles that she has faced andcontinues to face in her life can be overcome with strength.

It is my job toinstill a sense of confidence in her that she can achieve anything that shesets her mind to, so that she can go on to lead a healthy and successful life.I am able to accomplish this by planning and leading engaging and goal-planningactivities for both my mentee and I to participate in together. I leaddiscussions with my ‘little sister’ about the importance of education and theimportance of and steps to accomplishing short-term and long-term goals. Iadvise and challenge my mentee and provide consistency in her life. I share myknowledge and experiences in life to connect her to broader experiences,opportunities and networks, and provide a safe, nonjudgmental environment inwhich she can share her experiences and emotions.