Walt Whitman Civil War Poetry

Beat! Beat Drums! is a call to arms poem. Why does it use so many exclamation points?
The speaker is explaining the urgency of the situation and everyone must listen as the war affects them all.

When Whitman uses sound words such as whirr and blow, which literary device is he using?

Whitman’s 1861 is the story of what?
A Union soldier’s journey in the first year of the war

How do we know the 1861 poem is about a Union soldier?
The blue uniform

Why is the “Wound Dresser” titled “The Wound Dresser”?
The speaker is dressing the old mental wounds of war

What is the author’s purpose in “Ashes of Soldiers”?
To honor the fallen that never got identified

“Turn o Libertad” celebrates the end of the war therefore the tone is:

In “O Captain My Captain” the Captain is a metaphor for whom?
Abe Lincoln

In “O Captain, My Captain” the voyage is a metaphor for what?
The Union effort in the war

What is an extended metaphor?
When a metaphor runs through a couple lines