Wamundila assignments, taking careful notes, and using the

Wamundila Kwalombota


my first football game to a campus covered in snow, my first semester of
college was certainly a great experience. It gave me a reality check on
who I am and where I want to be in the future. During my first week of college,
I thought it would be a good chance for me to meet new people with similar
interests as mine, but I never thought that it would have a larger impact on

overall academic goal for my first semester was to make the President’s list
which I have successfully done. With self-discipline and hard work, I managed
to take on a very challenging schedule and maintain an A in all my classes.
Largely, it was an exercise in organization, and motivating myself to complete
my assignments. I began making a list of assignments, taking careful notes, and
using the calendar in my phone to plan out my day. Another one of my goals was
to have a designated study time on weekdays in which to do my work. This was
often pushed back a few hours to accommodate making friends, which at times was
a conflicting goal. While all my work was still completed to the best of my
ability, I was often awake much later than planned.

accomplished most of my personal goals while others simply changed. I managed
to expand my comfort zone and make friends with people I would not normally
talk to. Through doing that, I made good friends which is an important part of
succeeding in college. I also managed to set aside time every day to workout.
Like my academic success, a lot of my personal success resulted from
self-motivation and careful planning. College is a bit of a juggling act, but
that is what makes it so rewarding.

mentioned previously, my time management skills have increased. It has never
been a difficult task for me, but college has certainly made me more efficient.
I now use the sticky note function on my laptop for reminders on assignments
and meetings. I also utilize the calendar on my phone more often.

a roommate and making friends from various states was a new experience in
diversity that has enriched my perspective on The United States of America.
Contrary to popular belief, HBCUs are very diverse, and I love my HBCU.

conclusion, my first semester has helped me grow in the sense that I have
become surer of myself. It has strengthened my values and I am more determined to
work towards my goal of graduating in May 2021.