Warren is a dangerous person, widely feared and

Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg … are world-renowned names by the resounding success of their careers. From nothing, they built up their own business and became the great people that everyone admired, imitated. Bill Gate, dropped out of a sophomore year of Harvard and spent seven full years practice programming. Without the free computer time offered by the University of Washington, his destiny isn’t going to be like today. Professor Deborah Brandt conducted a research about the ‘sponsors of literacy’ published in 1998. She discusses the aspect of social influences in an individual’s  literacy is the sponsors. The important is significant of sponsor that lead the accomplish certain purposes. In education, sponsors also are necessary, because they provide chances for individuals to develop their literacy. The sponsor of literacy is not much distinctive to sponsors in general, in fact, anyone could be the sponsor of literacy If a person is literate means she/ he has a sponsored or maybe more than one sponsors. It is very important for individuals to look at who is their sponsors because they are the chances and opportunities to get the most effective literacy development. Sponsor is defined very uncertainty. As Deborah Brant says, “any agents, local or distant, concrete or abstract, who enable support, teach, model, as well as recruit, regulate, suppress, or withhold literacy and gain an advantage by it in some way” (citation). As brand say that sponsorship isn’t just the opportunity that we can access. she emphasized the concept of sponsorship with the respects of political, economic, religious, and social that forces individuals literacy life. There is an imbalance opportunity for the individual to get access to different sponsors. For example, Sherman Alexie grew up with limited sources and access to things. The stereotype that had been wrapped up in most  Indian children’s mind. he states, “A smart Indian is a dangerous person, widely feared and ridiculed be Indians and non-Indians alike. I fought with my classmates on a daily basis. They wanted me to stay quiet when the non-Indian teachers asked for answers,….” (Paragraph 6, line 1). Alexie’s father is main sponsors since he brought him comics book and that is how he starts to learn read and write. Alexie understands the power of the book. That gives him the power to stand for his own belief, he had the power to make a difference to the world around him. In the opposite is Bill Gate, his father was a wealthy lawyer and mother also is a daughter of a wealthy banker. Bill Gates’ parents sent him to the private school that for ‘elite’ families and they have the computer program that most colleges did not have at the time. definitely got raised in the special condition than most other kids do. The amount of sponsors individuals can have also depended on these factors. However, if you are talented and know how to sail yourself to the world the sponsor could be different.  But, first, we gotta make ourselves being recognized because they admire talented people. We do not compare these people because each individual is raised in different condition. The point is we need to find sponsors for ourselves if we are not lucky like Bill Gate. find the positive motivation, inspiration, or people and supportive will bring you the positive outlook to the world around. Brandt’s claimed how social status and races can affect the opportunities of getting access to sponsor. This factor is true, a Mexican man named José Zamora, this person applied for almost any job that he qualified and sends his resume to over fifty places a day, but there is no response from any of the places. Jose decided to change his name to  Joe, and things start to get change. This has nothing to do with the sponsors. But I just want to let you know how the ethnicity does impact on your chances. However, remember that sponsors want to help talented people and diligently learn and improve their knowledge and become successful that can make a difference in this world. Most sponsors also want the benefits, because that is how sponsors are defined. The sponsors are either directly or indirectly because they could be anything. An example is parents, Parents are the people who give birth to you, raise by love and care great responsibility.they always there, they are the teacher most comprehensive education; is the first brick in the formation of personality, language creation; Good morals and intellectual development, gifted children. Even though it might seem like their love is boundless and they never ask something. But for all the times and effort they put into you and care because they want you, their children, become the success in life. In most case, they are our biggest sponsors in term of both mentally and physically. Another Steven Fernandez in the documentary Generation Like, he first started with his skateboarding video in 2012 and liked by many people. That video change his life because many people see his skateboarding skilled, but, to Steve, what he’s doing will help support the family. He was becoming famous, many of the brands want to sponsor him, these sponsorships will like to sponsor with the product, services, and even cash. This is what Brandt called ” misappropriate”, these sponsors are having their own purposes. People are love to be noticed by the all these famous brands and companies. On the other side, the sponsor’s strategies are using these naive children as their commercial tools. It doesn’t stop right there because these sponsors will ignore you if you are not the ‘top popular’ people out there. Steven is not wrong to support his family, but the powers and forces put on this teenager have changed everything. These are the reasons why we need to considers who is our sponsors,