Washington 1789. America’s First President The Continental forces

Washington left behind him the most durable legacies. Washington
is dubbed the “Father of His Country,” and his face is on our U.S. currency
today such as the quarter and dollar bill.


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Washington returned to Mount Vernon and went back to his old
life, farming on his farms. On December 14, Washington died at the age of 67
due to a cold that got worse and worse. Washington was buried at Mount Vernon.

George Washington only served two terms as the president of
the U.S., he retired his duty as president because he wanted to go back home to
Mount Vernon.

Washington Retires to
Mount Vernon

The U.S. wasn’t a big nation like it is today when
Washington took office, it only had 11 states. Washington toiled to set examples
of fairness, prudence and integrity even when the population had about 4
million citizens.

In 1783, a peace treaty was signed among America and Great
Britain, Washington retired his leadership of the military and came back home. His
remarkable leadership persuaded the ambassadors that he was the most competent
man to become the nation’s first president. On January 7, 1789, the election
had initiated. Washington won conveniently. He was inaugurated on April 30,

America’s First

The Continental forces were successfully able to seize
British hordes under their leader General Charles Cornwallis with the help of
the French military in Yorktown, Virginia. This put an end the war and
Washington was acclaimed.

His troops weren’t highly trained and had no food,
ammunition and other supplies. Washington gave them the instructions and inspiration
to keep pushing forward.

Washington served as an ambassador to the First Continental
Congress. The American Revolution had initiated.

The American

Washington extended Mount Vernon with five new farms he

Washington was a leader of the Virginia military in December
1752. In 1759, Washington had resigned his duty as leader and came back to
Mount Vernon. When he came back, he was chosen to be on the Virginia House of
Burgesses. Later, he married Martha Dandridge Custis, a rich widow with two
children on January 1759. Washington and Martha never had any kids of their

An Officer and
Gentleman Farmer

In 1751, Washington made an excursion outside of his native country,
he travelled all the way to Barbados accompanied by his older half-brother
Lawrence, who was suffering from a disease called tuberculosis. Later, George caught
smallpox and he survived the disease, the disease left behind terrible facial
scars that were permanent. In 1752, Lawrence died. Washington passed down his
brother’s land, Mount Vernon.

Washington had shown a connection for mathematics. He became
an effective surveyor. His trip into the wilderness made him money to start owning
land of his own in Virginia

On February 22, 1732, George Washington was born. George was
the oldest child. His dad died when he was just a boy at the age of 11. He
finished school at around the of age 15.

Early Years