Water to choose between profits and the greater

Water privatization is the movement of companies from the public sector to the private sector. Which could lead to major problems, because with the less governmental control that water privatization provides, the private companies could be unstable at times. Their goals are indistinct but many agree that these private companies consider water to be am economic good rather than a basic human necessity. This lack of governmental control also allows them to choose between profits and the greater good of the people. Which means that millions of lives depend on the decision that they make. If profits were chosen over the good of the people, then millions may lose their lives, not because they can’t find water, but because they can’t afford it. Which is a death that we will all want to avoid seeing at all coasts. The delegation of India is currently suffering from a major water crisis. According to The World Bank, around 21% of all communicable disease in the delegation of India are caused by the lack of clean water. Rubbing salt into the wound, and making the bad worse, over 500 children under the age of five die daily in the delegation of India alone because of diarrhea, which is caused mainly by the lack of clean water. With all these difficulties that the delegation of India is suffering from, water privatization only makes things worse. As it raises the coast of water by much even though the efficiency of public and private water is the same. As a matter of fact, privatization can worsen the service, as some private companies avoid maintenance to save money, which leads to water spillage, which can’t be pardoned given the situation that millions of people are forced to live in. “Water privatization isn’t for India” is what the Hindu, which is a local newspaper, said. And the citizens of the delegation of India are against it as its effects arevery harmful and sadly very far reaching as they effect both the people and the country.