The way in which a moral issue has been dealt with in a film

This essay looks at the film Brokedown palace. It looks at the two main characters, Alice and Darlene as they finish school. The film focuses on the lies they tell and the severe consequences that result from their lies. In this essay I will consider each of these lies, the consequences that result. I will analyse how the film deals with this.

Lie one

What looks like an insignificant lie at the start of the film turns out to have major consequences for Alice and Darlene. Darlene lies to her parents about where they are going. They tell their parents that they are going to Hawaii but actually they are going to Thailand. When they go to jail, Darlene realises that her parents have no idea where she is and they won’t be able to contact her. The film highlights the consequences for each lie. I think it does this well because it shows the lie being told and then later on in the film it shows the consequences in good detail.

Lie two

Other lies that the two girls tell change their lives very much, making the audience understand what can happen when you lie. It makes the audience reflect on this as the consequences are so bad.

Lie three

The difference between Alice and Darlene puts emphasis on the moral issue of lies. This is emphasised when they both go to prison and Alice realises that she is to blame for them both going to prison. If Alice had told Darlene about her encounter with nick parks and the pass he made towards Alice, Darlene would not have gone to Hong Kong. Therefore they would not have been caught as drug mules. The film deals well with this issue because it shows how Alice felt about not telling the truth to Darlene.

Lie four

Darlene’s father makes it clear that Alice is to blame for leading Darlene into trouble all their lives, when he visits jail. As the story unfolds Alice realises that she is to blame for their current situation. She decides to do something about it. This part of the film shows how Alice must pay a price for the lies that she has told. When the girls are taken before the king. Alice seizes her chance to throw herself at his mercy. She agrees to do Darlene’s sentence as well as her own. This part of the film brings some justice to the lies that Alice has told.

The bible talks of this when jesus says to his disciples “this is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no man than this, that a man lays down his life for his friends. You are my friend if you do as I command.” (John 15:12) as Alice tells the truth Darlene is set free. The film ends with Alice in jail but satisfied that she has told the truth and has done the right thing. The film deals well with this because it promotes telling the truth, supporting your friends and always knowing that you have done the right thing. In conclusion, I think the film deals with the moral issue of lies very well because it shows the consequences to each lie with lots of dramatic effect.