The way in which a religious or moral issue has been dealt with in a television soap opera

I am going to write about a religious and moral issue in Eastenders. It concerns the abortion of Danielle’s baby and her realizing Ronnie is her biological mother. This is a moral issue because some may say abortion is murder and murder is wrong, others see it as wrong because life is such a precious thing to just throw away.

This is a religious issue because the bible and some Christians disagree with abortion.In the soap Danielle is looking for her biological mother – which she knew was Ronnie Mitchell before she went to Walford but she just had to find her, but Ronnie doesn’t know – so she goes to Ronnie for help, as a “friend” she tells her to go along with the abortion, but as a Danielle’s “mother” she would think so differently and tell her to keep the baby, understanding the stress of loosing her own at such a young age – she got pregnant when she was 14, called her baby girl Amy, she was given up for adoption and Ronnie was later told she died, but that was wrong, her daughter “Amy” is Danielle.The producers dealt well with this issue in a good way – considering they have done the abortion story line a few times before – they made this different by linking the mother, daughter story line into it in a rather interesting way. This story line does happen in real life, everyday even, abortion is so easy nowadays, young girls have one night stand and get pregnant by mistake and they regret it so they take the easy way out and have an abortion, or some girls are in a stable relationship but feel they just aren’t quite ready to be a mother.

This storyline was a good way to show people how to deal with issues like this that they may find themselves in. In my opinion this showed how confusing it could be and how she had second thoughts about going to the doctors for her second set of pills to finish the termination because of what happened with Ronnie (her biological mother).I think the producers were right to show this soap episode it would scare young girls out of getting pregnant when they are of a young age or are not prepared. In conclusion the story has related to some people and how there decisions affect their lives and how you should think something through thoroughly before doing it.