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We can’t deny that Music and Art is a part of our
culture as Filipinos. And by that means, making musical films does not end at
all. Metro Manila Film Festival 2017 includes an amazing and unique film to
showcase to people in various cinema outlets. An adapted literary work from
Nick Joaquin’s “A portrait of the artist
as Filipino” and a colored version of Lamberto V. Avellana’s 1965 film of
the same name. The movie was entitled “Ang
Larawan”. And with the title itself, you could actually imagine what the
movie is all about.


film is about the life of Marasigan Sisters namely Candida and Paula, daughters
of a high-profile painter known as Don Lorenzo el Magnifico with a story that
revolves around a certain masterpiece. Candida and Paula has to face all the
circumstances and hardship life brings. After their father got in to an
accident by falling from the balcony, the sisters has to stick with him in
order to take good care of their father. Prior to the incident, a final
masterpiece was made. The painting was given to Candida and Paula. The other
siblings namely Manolo and Pepang went separate ways to manage and make their
own life. Candida and Paula were the only ones who were left in their house in
Intramuros watching after their Father. The other siblings was pressuring them
to leave and sell the house to make a living. Candida to come with Pepang after
selling the house and Paula with Manolo. But the sisters insist. In order to
have income, Candida and Paula has to take in a boarder named Tony Javier.
Meanwhile, the final masterpiece of their father went out through word of
mouth. And a lot of people begun to come to their house to see the portrait
themselves. Bitoy Camacho also came, and the sisters were quite disappointed to
know that he went their as a reporter, not as a family friend. They talked
about on how terrifying the portrait is and come to the thinking of why their
father made the said portrait. The portrait with a title of “Un Retrato del
Artista como Filipino” has a young man carrying an older man in his back in the
burning city. The sisters explained that he has painted himself as he is now
and what he used to be in the past. While Senator Perico’s insight was it was
the artist and his conscience. The senator went there to convince Candida and
Paula to donate their father’s work to the government and in the other hand
Tony Javier sees that portrait as their only ticket to escape the circumstances
they’re facing by selling it to an American.

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film setting was somewhere in Intramuros days before the World War II. And what
caught my attention the most was the pacing and sequence of events. The film
was set in just one place. All through out the film, the setting was just in
the house of the Marasigan’s. Though the movie took place couple of minutes in
the church, it quickly went back to the house of the Marasigan’s afterwards.
The songs were very fine in the ears and were worth listening. I was singing
with the cast while watching the movie since the lyrics were repeatedly
mentioned. I did search for the soundtrack of the film together with the
lyrics. I was also expecting that I would get a glance of what the masterpiece
look like. But the movie ended without showing it thoroughly. Maybe it was way
too impossible to include the painting since it was destroyed by Paula or were
we really left to think and fill ourselves on what the painting stands for. I
went home curiously and rushed into the laptop to search on how the portrait
appears and I was impressed. It was quite terrifying to see. But upon seeing
the portrait, a lot of thoughts came right away in my mind. And by that, I can
easily say that I got all my hands up for this one of a kind film.