What a war that raged from 1755-1783. This

What was the American Revolution?The American Revolution was a war that raged from 1755-1783. This gave independence to the American rebels. The Thirteen Colonies (controlled by Britain) was beginning to grow tension due to high taxes and other issues between the government and the people. Soon after, civil wars erupted and caused the rebels to wage a full scale war on Britain. The French, Spanish and Netherlands then sided with the patriots (Americans/Rebels) to battle against the Loyalists (People that were loyal to Britain and their rule). They helped the patriots win the battle against the British which allowed the Thirteen Colonies to declare political independence from Britain and form the United States of America.Historical Significance:The American Revolution was an important because the Americans believed they had a better way to govern themselves and create a law fair to all. Therefore, the just of this idea is that the Americans wanted a separate identity then the British. This caused the Americans to change the borders of North America which had an impact on the agricultural aspect of life. With less land belonging to Britain, they were unable to provide more resources for themselves and allowed the Americans to grow economically because they were able to grow food in much more areas. The Revolution also strengthened the natural rights that America believed in and allowed for the traditional method of life being based on church and hereditary monarchy (a crown or throne passes from one member of a royal family to another person from the same family) to be changed. It also benefited the patriots greatly for many countries throughout Europe decided to join the ranks of the Americans in hope that they could transfer some their ideas to their own country which strengthened America by a great deal. We can learn that peoples opinions are very important because it can change the course of history. Like the Americans, we can learn that striving to achieve your goal is something that should always be acknowledged and respected. Respect is the main factor which will allow our community to function because it will always keep a just society. The other main thing that we can learn is to respect other people’s rights. This huge event that made a mark in our history symbolizes the respect we need to have for other people and their rights.Cause and Consequence:The uprising of the Americans was caused by slow but meaning full disputes between the non-Catholic settlers and British government. It all started when British soldiers invaded the town of Lexington and fought against the patriot soldiers. The British came out victorious, but little did they know that this was the start of the revolution. Later, the British had another battle trying to take all of the patriot supplies which led to the patriots getting into more civil wars and more upset with Britain. These wars were also caused by disputes between the British government and the American settlers when the British imposed taxes onto the settlers. Another reason is that African and American Indian people were against being of lower standards and being treated poorly by white people. Therefore, they were siding mainly with the Patriots to try and overthrow their standard in the economic area. The few main consequences were that they helped to divide the borders for North America and show that people should be free to govern themselves as they wish. The Americans couldn’t put up with the overall benefits the British were giving to other people which caused them to rebel. The revolution also gave great power to the Patriots for many countries wanted to invest in the new country. This act gave us a belief that change and difference should be accepted in our society. This consequence was among the most important for it helped divide the people which were controlled by Britain and those believe in the everybody being equal to one another. Britain allowed its citizens to keep their way of life which was highly biased for the Catholics, this made sure that they all had a say in what was going on around them.Continuity and Change:The American Revolution had many effects on the people of North America, for instance, slavery. Due to all the events which were taking place, many of the slaves were unofficially emancipated and were free to go. Laws in how people would own land was also changed and gave great amounts of land/money from buying or selling houses/land. Once the Patriots won the battle, the Articles of Confederation was born. This was an article that gave the new land, new laws. This also caused the advocation of Women Rights. Before the Revolution, the women would sit at home all day while the man went to work. In 1790, women gained equal treatment as men and were allowed schooling and the ability to work, the idea of women being educated was known as Republican Motherhood. It also led to the American Declaration of Independence which stated the reasons for the Thirteen Colonies being separated from Britain. Many soldiers from the war disrespected settlers because they thought they didn’t pull part during the war. Since they was a large amount of soldiers living within colonies, there was a resentment to settlers. The soldiers also felt like the country wasn’t treating them well for their hard work because they were being paid little with terrible living conditions. While this may seem like a lot of changes, that is what the American Revolution is about. One thing that stayed the same was the taxation methods. The people were still taxed on most goods even though these were their staples for trading. To make matters worse, these people didn’t even have a say in how they were governed in many areas. Therefore, they had to pay taxes even if it was unwanted and/or unnecessary. What may seem ironic is that one reason the war started was because of the ridiculous taxes Britain placed but Americans still ended up paying taxes anyways. Historical Perspective: