What do have a reason to feel like

What you seek is seeking you – Rumi

It’ s nice to think that what you love, actually loves you, what you desire, desires you, what you want, want’s you, but is this what the phrase said by Rumi is about?  We are often faced with different situations. Sometimes we feel like everything is against us, sometimes we feel very happy, and we don’t know if we deserve that. At times we feel sad, motivated, useless or annoyed. Thinking about a certain situation, makes us think that that is something we deserve, something we were seeking for.


Have you ever found yourself in the situation, that made you wonder why things where in that way?

Having a typical day but not feeling as you generally do, being somehow positive even though there is no reason for you to be so. You are just staying home alone while having a positive attitude and suddenly you receive an email that says you have been accepted to some training you have applied a long time before. That is surprising because you really wanted to be part of that activity, but this was not something you were expecting to happen.  Your positive attitude made possible to have a specific reason to be happy because you achieved something you really wanted.

Besides having positive feelings, we often feel sad and start thinking about worst possible things that can happen. Even though we try to make ourselves focused on things that make us feel nice, warm and worthy, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. We feel blue and we make ourselves believe that we do have a reason to feel like that, however, there are many other events that can trigger the depression, such as divorce, illness or money worries. We can find ourselves in one of these bigger situations, and what we were looking for, may be looking for us too. This is absolutely not always the case because people don’t consciously search to be in these situations, but from having small motives to feel depressed we can experience significantly worse things that may drive us in the certain conditions.


Another example of getting what you actually desire or want can be described even with the persistent desire to spend the potential while not caring about success. We often set goals, but not necessary goals are similar to desires, sometimes we desire something completely different but work towards the different aim. If you are tired of doing the same work every day, you feel like you deserve more, you feel like your life is boring, you have no life and you think about quitting everything and you still don’t give up but you consider yourself a failure. What does this actually means?  There is a saying by Abraham Lincoln “I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have.”. Maybe what you really wanted was to spend your potential, to feel like you are doing the best you can, not to succeed, just to maybe feel worthy!

It is also a belief that we become what we were meant to be. For some people, it is hard to choose a career path, a profession, an area of study, while others know what they want and see themselves in a certain profession from their childhood.  When you are attracted to the specific profession, it is probably because you have some qualities or skills to have the attraction toward the profession. You probably enjoy doing things that will be related to your future job position. For example, if you usually like being around children and you kind of feel full of energy and have a specific connection with them there are chances that you will end having a profession related with kids, such as a teacher, paediatrician, child social worker and similar.

It is not always the case that you feel in a certain way, and something happens to make you believe you were looking for that thing and the same thing actually was looking for you. For example, it happens that even though we are not specifically looking to have a great time, something turns up and we do have a wonderful time. Maybe it’s just sometimes we are unaware of what we actually want to, and when that thing happens it makes us believe that we do want that particular thing.


The phrase by Rumi “What you seek is seeking you” it can be understood differently, depending on the perspective you have. One way of seeing it is like things that we desire are not that difficult to be achieved, contrary they are seeking us in the same way we are seeking for them, maybe even more. Another perspective can derive too many questions and dilemmas, such as: was this something I wanted to do, or I wanted to be, or am I making myself believe it is like that?

The saying can be applied to every person and in a variety of areas, one of which is therapy, or working with clients, making them believe the phrase is true and trust that if they have desires, and if they work toward something, if they somehow try to simplify what they are seeking for, what they want to do, or who they want to be, they can actually see those unexpected things will happen, things that they actually always desired, and the future will bring them.

Trying to understand this saying it is not always easy, maybe not two persons can agree on the way they see the expression, but they can both see it right.

It is always great to know peoples perspectives and the way they think something was meant to be, or some forces on universe our working with energy to seek what you actually are seeking for. It is somehow magical and it can make you feel really good, depending on your desires and in the way you see the world. 

Do we know for sure what Rumi meant with this phrase?

Probably not, but it is amazing to know you have the chance to understand it in your own way, and to mean something different for you.