What Ijma means: an opinion among the Muslims

What are secondary sources?

A secondary
source is information created by a person who has not experienced the even the
include scholar books, articles, newspapers, maps, DVDs, websites, television,
and radio. It is very important to make your information as accurate as
possible and provide as many evidence as you can. Secondary sources can be
written in bias.

For example,
secondary sources in the religion of Islam are Ijma, Ijtihad, Qiyas and Urf and
definition of these are:

Ijma means:
an opinion among the Muslims about a matter which is a big doubt for them. It
can be like some people say that you have to perform only the compulsory
prayers but not to perform voluntary prayers, this can lead to a big debate.

means: interpreting the verses of the Quran and the Sunnah to the new condition
of the Muslim society. In the way and sense that they lead us to the way shown
by the prophet Muhammad (PBUH). I think that you should be very knowledge able
to interpret such a big source to the way shown by our prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Qiyas means:
deduce new beliefs and practices with past practices and beliefs.

Urf means: Urf
is a common practice of the Muslims as their habit. It can be that you perform
some voluntary acts daily even though they are not compulsory on you.

The main
primary source of the religion is the Quran and hadith because they are
directly from the being or person. The Quran is the most important book in
Islam and it is the speech of God (ALLAH) revealed on the prophet Muhammad
(PBUH). The hadith is a record of the words and deeds of the prophet Muhammad
(PBUH), his family, and companies. After the Quran the hadith is the most
important and Muslims should act upon both.

In my
opinion the difference between primary sources and secondary sources are that a
primary source is a description of an event from someone who was there to
experience it. A secondary source is an event based on research or told by
someone who was not there to see the event. Primary sources are useful because
they are the original handout and secondary sources are a help to students
because it let them understand and evaluate a topic, and I think they are also
easier to understand. Although they both provide evidence of the history.

In the first
instance it is better to go into primary sources of a topic because you will
understand the original and you will come to understand what the introduction
is. You will come to understand what the main point is and what the outcome
will be. Thereafter if you want to know more details you can come to the secondary
sources of the topic. In here you will mainly see and find what people think
and what their opinion is. It will explain you more about the primary source.

An example can be the Quran as a primary source and the English translation as
a secondary source. People with less knowledge can look into primary sources
and people with less knowledge can look into secondary source.