What manner. Most of these conflicts result in

What is Political Conflict?

Conflict is
a subject that has existed for years and is also a relevant aspect of human

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is a social situation in which two or more persons pursue different objectives,
different or opposing interests, or pursue the same objective simultaneously
and in a competitive manner. Most of these conflicts result in a war that is an
armed conflict between at least two organized social groups. This causes
significant damage and loss of life. From this point of view, it can be said
that a conflict simply means “a different perception” or a vision of
a problem or situation.

























Types of Conflict



The essential thing is to define the political evolutions
The inter and intra-state conflicts are two different subjects, let us begin by
defining the intra-State conflict then the interstate conflict:


Today, the most common form of conflict is intra-state

This is reflected in the violence

and the wars we see in our world today. In general, this
type of conflict exists between armed groups and non-state groups.



An interstate conflict is a conflict between two states that
are the two members of the international system.






























Concequence of the
conflict :

Today 60% of
countries are affected by violence and murder. While conflicts can be an
inherent and legitimate part of social and political life.

The causes
of these conflicts are complex and difficult to understand. In order to explain
the causes of conflicts, it is necessary to examine the origins of conflict, to
focus on conflicting actions and to make a general analysis, as well as a
micro-level analysis, such as “conflict mapping”.





















Role of the NGOs


sector is the most effective tool for conflict solutions. they use several
methods to resolve a conflict, such as opening a dialogue between the two sides
of the conflict. Sometimes states also use NGOs as an instrument of
destabilization to spread their own opinions in civil society.
































The expected
results and what has been achieved so far.


peacebuilding activities are activities that the United Nations has been
conducting in recent years for the maintenance of peace and which can also help
to end the conflict. short-term violence. it is also likely to lead to lasting
peace if it is not accompanied by strategies to prevent the resumption of


experiences of the last decade have shown a successful evolution of United
Nations peacekeeping operations.










Conclusion :

The subject
of conflict is extremely complex, the character and impact of conflicts can
only be assessed in very general terms. We can be absolutely certain, however,
that conflicts will continue to be a serious problem for the global system.

There is no
visible and truly unthinkable development that would bring the vision of a
democratic peace.

long-term change in the severity of inter-state conflicts to intra-state
conflicts is also becoming less important because of the growing
internationalization of these conflicts. But we can say that with the
strategies that NGOs run, things are getting better, but slowly.