What one diet to another. You try one

What you eat everyday is your diet. But in today’s parlance, “diet” has come to mean something else altogether. A diet today is an eating regimen that is supposed to help you knock off the kilos or put some on, a food prescription that will make you “fit” and help you develop an X-pack. Almost all of us has tried to “diet” at least once in our lives and invariably given up, because they didn’t work out.Why do these super diets fail for us? What mistakes are we making?You want quick fixesAnd have unrealistic expectations. You can’t drop weight and become fit overnight. It takes, time, patience and perseverance. Setting reasonable weight and fitness goals and sticking to them is the key.  You yo-yo dietBecause of the desire for quick fixes we switch from one diet to another. You try one diet because it promises you the perfect body, then you give up because you’re hungry and depressed all the time and it is just “not working” for you. Then you move to another diet and then another, and then another… This kind of on-again-off-again, yo-yo dieting results in your losing barely any weight and only slows down your metabolism. You haven’t analysed why you overeatYou want to lose weight and choose a diet that give you some results for a while and then you are back to square one. Perhaps you have not addressed the root of the problem. If you are overweight, you are likely overeating. Have you figured out why you are overeating? Besides the “what”, think about the “why”, “when” and “where” of what you eat. It’s possible you eat just because your companions are eating. Or you may be eating well at home but binge out when you are outside. Are you a comfort-eater who reaches for something sweet or fried when feeling depressed or stressed? Paying attention to your eating patterns will help you figure out your problem areas. Then you can start working on a long term plan to address these areas. You aren’t getting enough sleepResearch shows a correlation between sleep and eating.When you do not get a good night’s sleep, you feel tired and sleepy the next day and tend to reach for sugary foods to boost your energy level. Plus, you are just too tired to exercise that willpower not to eat these foods. You aren’t getting enough exerciseDuh… yes, I know. Everyone knows this. But what kind of exercise works for you? What do you like doing? Putting yourself through a punishing schedule could have you giving up. Choose something simple and work up the duration of your workout. BTW, walking, housework and washing your car count as exercise too. You’re falling for “health food” ads All those energy bars, fruit juices and boxed salads and dressings? They may be packaged to look super-healthy but are often not. It’s easy to be duped by these which are actually in sugar and calories. Be careful what you eat. Read labels carefully to check the calories from carbs in what you are buying. You might be surprised. If you want to lose weight and enjoy good health, you need to break wrong eating habits. Research shows that a habit can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days to become part of your life. Which means you have to keep of it. Make small, reasonable changes in your eating and living habits. Be realistic. Be patient. Don’t give up too soon.