What organs. Water is also your body’s thermostat.

What role does water play in our body   We commonly equate water with life. Scientists tell us that we are 60% water. Maintaining the water balance should be our goal when drinking water. Water balance is a state where the amount taken in is equal to that excreted by the kidneys. Any imbalance in form of dehydration or overhydration is bad for our health. Let us now learn a little more about water and its effects on our health.  You are always losing water through breathing, sweating and digestion. Breathing and digestion are critical for our very survival.  Interestingly, water is also required for the body to carry out these functions and more.After food is digested it must be transported to all organs for nourishment. Water transports  nutrients around the body and also removes wastes.  As a component of blood, water helps in transportation of oxygen to all organs. Water is also your body’s thermostat.  Keeping your body warm in extreme cold and cool in extreme heat.So, what happens when you don’t drink enough water?Generally, your body will need 1.5 -2l of water daily. This applies to those of us with little activity like sitting in the office. You may need to increase your water intake if your activity level is intense. If your urine is pale yellow consider yourself well hydrated.When you are dehydrated your urine becomes darker. You may also find trouble focusing on your computer or book. You don’t want to run on your boss for poor productivity just because you didn’t take enough water. Even sader, dehydration will affect the functioning of body cells a and organs leading to reduced immunity. What follows is a cycle of poor health. One disease attack after another. Most of us are concerned about not taking enough water. But overhydration is even a more serious concern. It happens when we drink excess water or the body, for some reason, retains more than necessary.  When this happens body electrolytes like sodium are diluted and become inadequate.  This causes serious trouble for water balance and proper functioning of body cells. If your urine is colorless you are at risk of over hydrating. If you have taken a lot of water give your kidneys time to bring the body back into balance.So now if you have been sitting for more than an hour without sipping water, it is time. Your boss will appreciate a more focused and highly productive staff. Most importantly water is good for your health.