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What is equiality? Equality to me means that everyone needs to have the same for everything. Equal treatment, allows every individual to develop and give their best, providing a significant contribution to society; what favors progress in the productive and social system of every nation. In my opiniön people should enjoy life and know what life its about, I don’t think its feare for all the people that are scared to be there own and to show the world who they really are, and what they could really do. Poeple loose alot of oportunities of being great just because they are scared of what someone is going to say or think. In my case I love being me and I don’t really care about what others think about me, but I know some persons that don’t feel free to express them selfs, or to show how they really are. All the persons in the world should feel the same capacity to do all things and they shoudn’t be afraid of what they are capable of.Equity is a value of a social nature and deals with the constant search for social justice, in order to ensure that all people have the same living and working conditions, worthy and equal, without there being a difference due to the social extract, sex or gender to which they belong.In this aspect it is important to highlight the difference between sex and gender since when we talk about sex, we talk about the physical, biological and natural characteristics with which each person is born and these are not modifiable. Modern society affirms itself on the principle of equality. However, this principle has not managed to prevent the social inequalities with which we have to fight every day in a world where you are valuable for what you have and not for what you are, unfortunately human beings are said to be born free and with fundamental rights if they can be called; Since there is a lack of opportunities to earn a space in society, our right to work is increasingly distant as the unemployment rate increases and the country declares itself in crisis.Man and Woman are so different and they are becoming more different each time sexually. It can be noted by the discord in the world and by how unstable everything  1 is, that has that inequality rooted. That represents the disgrace of the female sex, haif of the evoiutionary spice, which God created in equality. Another issue is the relationship between the rich and the poor. That is an extraordinary situation caused by greed, which normally would not have submerged if everything had evolved on the planet as expected. However, this produced an extraordinary race, one of great resistance under circumstances of very difficult trials, and that has proved to be a great builder of character.Equality and inequality remain in constant conflict; where there are more and more diverse groups that advocate inclusion and equal treatment; However, despite this situation, the inequality that prevails in society is also manifested, when many individuals benefit and many more are excluded, only because of discriminatory treatment. We must as a human being, as a Society and Nation, equalize opportunities to each of the people that make up the different systems of society; observing their abilities and aptitudes and not their differences (race, sex, religion, social, political, economic, and disability) because they simply create a nuance and a contrast of the different types in society.Some people don’t have a home and they do not know were to live, I think all the persons should have the same right to work so they could have a home even thought its small but they should have home, and food there soudn’t be people on the Street asking for money they should wotk and have equality.Nowadays in the world the Right to equality has been accepted almost totally by all the countries, which recognize it in their constitutions, and the old discriminations such as the nobility and hereditary titles, castes and racial discrimination have disappeared almost totally, However, there are still problems in some countries that were left behind in terms of Human Rights and their main problem lies in gender equality, because these do not allow many things to women, who, mainly for religious reasons, have not given their women basic rights, making the life of these women to be considered quite complicated and unjust. in western countries, it is also the case, of countries where the right to equality is already recognized by the authorities, but 2However, the authority is too weak to enforce the law or simply, it is a compliment Healthy coexistence is only possible if we all respect each other. Equality (and, within this, gender equality) is one of the manifestations of respect, because it implies recognizing that others are as valuable as oneself and that they deserve to be treated as our equals. When we act with equality we try to be fair, not to favor or harm someone because we do not like him or because we consider him inferior or less intelligent than us. But just as we are obliged to act with equality before our fellow men, others must treat us in the same way. If you consider that you have received unfair or discriminatory treatment at school, if you notice that they have not given you the same opportunities as your classmates or if you think that your effort has not been recognized, do not keep silent. !t is important that you express it, and it is better if you do it clearly and without getting angry.People sould speek for themselfs and make people know how they feel if they don’t like something. We are all the same and speaking as the law we have the same rights so for me all the people shoul have a home, should have food, should have everything that a normal person whants, but if someone wants to have that I think they sould work and have money so they could have a home. All people are born with equal rights. We are ail equai and there is no one more like the others; there is no one who can be considered superior in rights. No individual can claim the right to decide how others should live or how they should use their property and life. Regardless of the university degrees, money, fame, popularity, support or talent, you have, every person is equal in rights and no one has the right to force us to do something because he thinks it is the best for us. If we are all equal, we must treat each other with respect and the imposition of one over the other is a disrespect that can not be accepted