When and believe that the earth is round.

When someone asks what shape the earth was, the answer would probably be spherical. Then there are people that would think differently and say the earth is flat. Some people, in the 21st century, still believe the preposterous conspiracy theory of the earth being flat. These people are blinded by their ignorance because there is so much proof that the earth is round. My reasons are as simple as an everyday Joe can just look outside at night and look at the stars or believe the photos from The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), there is also the credible experiment that a scientist proved anybody can see the visible curvature of the earth, and the evidence of the sun and the eclipse creating shadows to show us that the earth is round.   The first thing is that someone can see and believe that the earth is round. Technology is so advanced now that we can see a high definition photo of space and there is a bunch of planes, drones, and even balloons that can fly up in the air and film the earth from space. Photos did not really prove anything back then for the blurry resolutions but now people have videos in real time of the earth. There are so many videos on Youtube and even a couple of live streams where cameras are recording on a satellite. Donald talks about the proof that we have now in the modern era of seeing if the earth is spherical or not, “We now have space probes visiting all the planets and some have looked back and taken shots that show the layout of the solar system, and the earth where it really is — and that it’s round!” (Donald) People still say that photos and videos of the earth are fake, but that is pretty hard to believe in since we built and researched such advanced technology that can see or reach the stars. It seems that the flat-earthers need full-proof evidence and actually go to see the earth from space so they can start thinking about how the earth could be spherical. Photos and videos from a highly educated organization seems more believable than a random person having thoughts about a flat earth.     The second example is that a person can see the curvature of the earth without using a high-tech machine. It is not as easy as just going right outside and looking at the horizon for a little curve in the ground. It is possible to show someone the earth’s curve on the horizon, but to prove something like this, have to know some things in nature and science. Take Alfred Wallace, a British naturalist, he showed and proved an anti-evolutionist named John Hampton that the earth is round by taking him to a canal. The process and materials are short. He used a telescope, a disk, and a black band and he placed all of them at the same height above the water. The process is explained by Shermer and Milner, the people who wrote the article, “After carefully lining up a surveyor’s level-mounted telescope at the same height as the markers. From  whichever vantage point, the pole’s discs appeared much higher than the bars mounted on the bridges, which seemed to be on a downslope.” (Michael, Richard) Wallace not only proved the earth is round, he also showed that you can see it. Aristotle had the same idea with different objects. He would usually see the sails of faraway ships before he can see the body of the ship. He proved he can see and also that anyone can see. Lastly, everything in space to tell us if the earth is round. Everything in space can tell us everything we need to know about us. Things in space would have to also be flat if the earth is flat, that does not make sense at all. There is the sun which has the earth rotating around it, the stars and their positions in space, and the eclipse with the shadows. Daniel Loxton, the one who wrote this article, talks about Aristotle’s student talking about the lunar eclipses, “Plato’s student Aristotle reasons for supposing the Earth ‘must be spherical.’ First, there was the evidence of lunar eclipses. When the Moon passes through the shadow of the Earth, that shadow is always curved like part of an enormous circle — as it must be if the Earth is a sphere.” (Loxton) a person can head outside, day and night, and see for themselves. Every shadow has a sort of curved and sort of funky shape to it, compare shadows with a friend and see the height of their shadow either taller or shorter. There is also the Eclipse shadow where it has a crescent shape to it. The sky and ground tell all about the wonders of beyond.  All of these reasons proves why believing the earth is flat is insane. Thanks to people like Aristotle, Galileo, and many more scientist, they did the thinking and work to prove the earth was round back then by looking at the sky through a telescope and through telescopes on ships during sea sailing. There are photos, videos, lights, and scenery that can explain why the conspiracy theory of the earth being flat is wrong.