When deep understanding of why keep a family

When every time I am talking about something with tradition. I always think about family. As I was born in a very traditional Chinese family, I have a very deep understanding of why keep a family tradition is important to us. Chinese Lunar new year is one of the most popular holidays in China and it is the most important traditional holiday that everybody celebrates it on the first day of the first month according to Chinese lunar calendar. On that day, the elderly family members are supposed to give the money to the youngers that are put inside a red envelope which means to wish them good luck. Besides China, other countries for example, like Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia, etc., which also celebrates the Chinese new year as an honor to their ancestors. In addition, celebrating this culture festival is a traditional thing that one generation pass down to another generation. Therefore, when it is the day of Chinese new year, everybody reunion together and which it gives them a sense of belonging.For instance, tradition can be representing where you come from and it would embrace the meaning of your own culture. They help to shape a person to be thankful for who they are today and build a solid connection with everybody in the family. But most importantly, having a tradition can really strengthen a family together in order to be more united as a whole. This makes people feel of where you actually belong and have a faith in your heart that you always wanted to pursue. Moreover, keeping a tradition going in a family is a good way to reunite with their loved ones. When everyone actually sitting together in the same place, scientific evidence shows that it will increase the chance of feeling happiness. For example, on the day of Chinese Lunar new year, the whole family would be sitting at the same table, eating the same food and sharing their own respect with everyone else.Furthermore, tradition can reinforce the value of being selfless, caring, responsible and teach you how to share your love with someone else. As a human being, we should always catch every opportunity to reinforce our values and beliefs that we think it matters to our life. In an article, called “7 Reasons Why Traditions Are Important”, the author illustrated that “Traditions it’s like good health. You may take it for granted until you lose it. If we disregard our values, we’ll open our eyes one day and won’t be able to recognize “our world” anymore.” Therefore, traditions should be something that exists forever. For instance, many different traditions in many cultures, the general meaning of keeping the tradition is to honor our beliefs, values and as well as our cultures.In addition to preserving our cultures, we must keep all traditions continuing to be alive. With this being said, the tradition will not preserve itself and tradition is nothing without people. If our own people do not care about our traditions, then who will? In the modern society, everything is being changed rapidly that you can’t even imagine how fast it is. No one knows what would happen next. Therefore, traditions can be helping people to create fun memories and it also can make people have a more enjoyable life. Moreover, traditions can slow down everyone’s pace and they could have more time to spend with their family.