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When I first got this assignment, I was at a loss as to how to proceed with it. However, as I began to internalize it, I realized that it’s an opportunity to get to know myself better. I look upon this as an opportunity to bare my soul and as a time for self reflection and introspection.So, who am I beneath all my layers? I never really thought about it until this very moment when I sit furiously typing away at my laptop. In essence, I’m this little girl stuck in an adult woman’s body. I might be eating the most sumptuous meals in the most exotic locations of the world but I’ll never stop craving for my mother’s home cooked meals. I might be living in the most comfortable of apartments but nothing could ever replace the warmth and safety of my mother’s arms. Few would call me a typical Mama’s girl. Perhaps, I am. But, I’ve always taken pride in being called that because whatever I am today, I am because of her. The values and beliefs that she inculcated in me as a child moulded me into the person that I am today.I believe it is more important to be a good human being than being successful. Being compassionate and empathetic is pivotal to a person’s growth. My mother always tells me that I should always choose to be kind, even when others aren’t. I’ve seen my mother practise that all her life even when confronted with situations wherein I would have certainly lost my cool had I been in her place. That’s another reason why I admire her so much. But, I also believe that my kindness should never be seen as a weakness. There have been occasions when the ones who misinterpreted my silence as a sign of weakness awakened the sleeping lioness within me and saw a side of me that warned them to never mess with me in future. I have the passion and the zeal to succeed in life but never at the cost of my relationships. I am ambitious in the sense that I want to be independent without having to rely on anyone for anything in life. For me, friends and family would always come first. I am a fiercely loyal person. If I am friends with someone, I would be their friend for life. I would do everything for the ones I consider close and maybe that’s part of the reason I often meet with disappointment when it comes to friendships. I expect too much because I would be willing to do that much for them. However, over time, I’ve changed my perspective. I’ve now come to the conclusion that everyone loves differently. The way I choose to show my appreciation