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When we think of Louisiana, we instantly think of New Orleans. Jazz, Bourbon Street, French Quarter , but aside from all that, Louisiana is excellent place to live. Louisiana is a true Southern state and it’s the 25th largest state in the country, in terms of population home to 4.6 million residents. Its largest city is New Orleans, and the capital of the state is Baton Rouge. This state is one of two in the United States that do not have counties. Instead, they refer to their different subdivisions as parishes. Each parish operates much like a city does, having its own rules, and departments.Louisiana also has strong manufacturing industries, including coal products, paper, lumber, and processed food. 15% of Louisiana’s land mass is water, whether it be lakes, rivers, deltas, or swamps making it is the 4th largest shipping port in the world, and the largest supplier of crawfish. Louisiana is very multicultural, with a mix of cultures from African, French, Spanish to Native American. This can be tasted in the food, heard in the music, seen in the streets, felt in conversation with its residents.People love to come here for the food and rich culture, especially in the New Orleans area. If you are looking for a unique culturally diverse state, you will want to settle down and raise a family here where it is as safe as possible and where your children can grow up in a place that understands what family is all about.  Home to one of the nation’s most popular destinations, with New Orleans’ ornate French Quarter, spicy Cajun food, and jazz culture. Also it is famously known for their Mardi Gras celebration that goes on each year. Parades overflow the city with themed costumes and masks ride on floats that throw tens of thousands of colored beads . Marching between floats are local bands, dance troupes, clowns and flambeau carriers. All in all Louisiana’s strong sense of heritage creates tight communities that can be quite safe to live in.