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someone is so anxious with their social standing in society, they begin to
abandon the things they love and what truly make then happy. In the Great
Expectations, Charles Dickens describes the absence of happiness that comes
with higher social position through the character Pip. When pip was young, he
fell in love with Estella and strongly believed that if he were to become
gentlemen, Estella will return his love. He then decides to dedicate his life
to becoming a gentleman. Once Pip made his life plan in becoming a gentleman,
he was given a large amount of fortune from a mysterious donner who allowed him
to move to London to learn how to be a gentleman. Pip began to develop hatred
towards his past common life “Finally, I remember that when I got into my
little bed-room, I was truly retched, and had a strong conviction on me that I
should never like Joe’s trade. I had liked it once, but once was not now”
(Dickens 82). Pip truly believes that his happiness will come from him becoming
a gentleman. In order for him to become one, he must first be able to fit in
the upper class society. Pip learns to hate all lower class occupations, such
as his old occupation in being a blacksmith, and abandon his home. After
achieving his goal in obtaining the title of a gentleman, Pip decides to meet
Estella but to then only get rejected no matter what title or how much wealth
he possessed. Pip then goes through many difficulties and in the end loses all
his fortunes and ends up with a large amount of debt. When Pip returns home, he
realizes that he had missed so much love from his family, especially from Joe
who had even paid off all of his debts once he arrived “He would sit and talk
to me in the old confidence, and with the old simplicity, and in the old
unassertive protecting way, so that I would half believe that all my life since
the days of the old kitchen was one if the mental troubles of the fever that
was gone” (Dickens 366). Once Pip rejected social standards and started to
pursue what makes him actually happy, he was able to find true happiness and
finally obtain Estella’s love.