Who objectives”. I am an aspiring social worker

Who am I? This three worded
question is the usual question that numerous people are requested to answer
however have an incredible trouble actually answering it. Be that as it may,
every individual on this planet has irreplaceable qualities that are shared
with others. Knowing individuals is an approach to expand one’s perspectives,
make new thoughts and spread them. Just like every other person on this
planet, I am many things. For starters, my name is Kaitlin Sonson and I am 20
years of age. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I come from a
family of five; a mother and father, a twin sister, and a younger brother.

To put it simply, growing up has
been nothing short of a delightful roller coaster ride with a few bumps along
the way. For each and every one of those bumps though, my family and friends
have always been there for me and as a result of them, honesty and acceptance
are two core values of mine. I have always been known for having a quiet and
shy personality. Lending a hand and being helpful has been an attribute of mine
since a young age; thus my future occupation is to be a social worker.

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 Social work, for too many, addresses an industry wrapped around needy
individuals, and giving them benefits so they can meet the fundamental living
needs to survive. However, to me, it fills in as a gainful outlet for me to
channel my life for helping other individuals.

My future objectives and accomplishments are very
important to me. After graduating from Chatham I do not want to just be able to
say “I graduated college”, I want to be able to say “I graduated college and
achieved every one of my objectives”. I am an aspiring social worker with the
expectations of working with children and families to offer help and treatment
to people who have encountered injury, misfortune, mishandle, and psychological
instability. While doing this I would like to leave a legacy and a memorable
name for myself. With my strongminded ambition and motivated personality, I
will strive to make it happen.

With that being said,
I always try to make enough free time for family, friends, and exercise. I make
an effort to incorporate sports and activities other than school work into my
day to day life since it is imperative to be a well-rounded person. Throughout
the years I have played soccer, basketball, volleyball, and softball. Although
out of those four sports softball was my favorite and ultimately it has helped
shape me into who I am today. Softball showed me that not everything that
happens is going to be fair, however, you need to continue playing the game. It
likewise taught me that great things do not come to those who wait, but rather
go to those that work for it. Some of the most imperative individuals
throughout my life have been my softball coaches.