Why and create looks that are ideal to

Why do we wear makeup? This question has been circulating my head for a quite some time now. Some say they use makeup as form of self-expression, makeup is their medium and their face a canvas. They run wild with their artistic vision and create looks that are ideal to them and the only thing that’s allowed to stop them is their own imagination. While there are some who don’t feel “done” until they wear makeup, for them makeup isn’t to enhance but, rather, it is a security blanket that’s concealing their insecurities. In the end there’s always two groups out there one that wants to enhance their true beauty using makeup and one that wants to conceal. This Year in Studio Arts I plan to focus on the idea “Makeup”, with specific focus on looking at individual’s own personal story behind using makeup whether it is to ‘enhance’ or to ‘conceal’. I want to know their experience, the emotions they go through. I would really like to get a detailed look into their lives and their experiences with using makeup. After looking at their own personal story I will then use story and feelings and create imagery through the models faces. I want to use colour as a symbol of emotions to show what an individual is going through when they decide to wear makeup. The individual/s will be the subject matter that will help me to carry out the colours that will be portrayed by applying on them, they will also allow for me to further magnify the emotions with the help of manipulation of facial expressions and body structure. This also allows for the audience that are viewing the artwork to feel connected with the feelings, aesthetic and message portrayed in the piece. The style I will be focusing on will be cubism, Abstract art and romanticism. Aesthetically, I hope to be able to create incautious imagery of people that will express the rawness and depth of their emotional interior world. I want the artwork to be simple, free-flowing at the same time I want the imagery to express what language can beyond share of the themes “Enhance” or “Conceal”. To achieve this I will explore various elements and principles: line, colour, balance and space. To show the raw emotions and its depth will be exploring colour; for positive emotions I will be looking at colours such as pastel pink and violet, hazel and ablaze green, cool blue and white, mellow orange, glowing yellow. To portray negative feelings I will be use colours such as electrifying red, harsh black, loud purple and fiery blue these are some of the main colours that I will be using throughout the process but will experiment with more colours to push the creative process. Giving some space and not filling the whole frame in will keep things simple and will be the free-flowing image which I am looking for. Colours and lines will represent “Makeup” in this. For my exploration “Makeup” I plan to use different materials and techniques. I will be doing digital photography as I am much more confident with it. The equipment that I will be needing for this process will be: tripod, DSLR camera, collapsible reflector and extra batteries. In order to create the aesthetic that I am intending for on the people, I will be using face paint. I will be using the camera and manipulate ISO, shutter speed and Aperture so that way I can produce magnificent images. Being able to manage these settings allows for me to decide how much light I want to let in, this will ensure how the face paint will be looking in the final. Using the camera I will be able to ensure how much negative space I would like, it will also allow for me to manipulate balance. Manipulating these will allow for me to obtain the right simplicity and free-flowing. To edit my images after photoshoot, I will using photoshop so I could edit the images to my desired effect that will match the aesthetic. Hib Saib Medium: Photography, Neon Series Hib Saib captures extraordinary portraiture photography, especially his ‘Neon’ Series which is more relative to my aimed aesthetic. He covers bodies of people in paint and uses tiny flecks of neon paint on their faces, they brightly illuminate in the dark showing explosion of colours. His work has inspired in so many stages, the way he uses neon paint and light, using bold and vibrant colours and captures the person’s style, expression and personality. In this work the model displays an apathetic expression, the use of colour and lines around eyes and the negative space around and top it all off the light on the model all together creates the desired emotion. I intend to trail this technique of combining line, colour, light, body structure and expression so I will be able to display the inner emotions. Saib’s form of flecks of paint on face and splash of paint on face directs to the style of abstract style which I will be trailing with.Sarah by Damien Mohn, Fashion PhotographyIn this Mohn has used the cubism as inspiration for the makeup. Mohn presents the idea of weird beauty: perfectly shaped eyebrows, jawline, cheekbones and lips, altogether the idea of “perfect” shaped face. Which people try to get by concealing their natural beauty with makeup. This will be one of my conceptual possibilities of doing cubism makeup to present the theme “Conceal” and unlike Mohn who uses colour to create an aesthetically pleasing image I would like to use emotionally frevent colours to present emotion. Having using geometric shapes than organic shapes doesn’t create a gentle emotions rather than it creates overwhelming empty and distant emotions. Mohn has used vast range of bright colours for this image which will be one of conceptual possibilities of using bright colours. Variety is used in this image to create visual interest and to support the style cubism and it also helps doing different colours to differentiate the different aspects of the face which is being highlighted with each colour.  Magazine: Dutch Glamour August 2015, Photographer Jouke Bos, Model: Sophie Vlaming, Makeup: Suzanne VerberkIn this photograph, Bos and Vlaming together combined makeup, expressions and nature to create a powerful effect. I would like to incorporate flowers elements into my shoot, as I think flowers are a symbol of beauty and enhancement. The light glowy eyeshadow with the soft pink petals of flower with white light shining on face is very aesthetically pleasing. This will be one of my conceptual possibilities of using flowers as a symbol of “Enhance”. The emphasis is only on the expression of the model and eyelids in this photograph. The way the eyebrows are filled in creates delicate lines which leads the eyes to left and right of the picture, they contrast with the soft tones of the face. Flower petals create texture in the image because of its colour, line and shading. Light is being shone onto the smooth surface of the flower petals adds extra shine and delitcaness to the image. In this image the makeup is done monochromatic with only using pink shades to create unity in the image, I would like to trail with monochromatic colours too. This image reflects the theme “Enhance” which I would like to trail with, it also encapsulates imagery of emotions and emphasis of it. Overall I want my exploration to cover each of the artists unique styles to get the aesthetic of showing raw emotions being imaged on faces, like with Hib Saib colour, light and expressions are the main focus which helps him image the desired inner emotions. Damien Mohn’s use of line and the style cubism with makeup and his idea of ‘perfect’ face and finally Jouke Bos use of flowers and monochromatic colour palette and creating different texture with the help of makeup on the face. I would experiment printing my images on different surfaces which will best help me get the aesthetic I am looking for. The surfaces are: acrylic glass, matte paper, glossy paper and other surfaces to push experimentation.