Why medical assistant jobs are expected to increase

Why should you study
to be a Medical AssistantR1 ?


Making an income while making an impact on someone’s life.
Doesn’t that sound like a rewarding career? That is exactly what you can expect
if you choose to be a Medical assistant.  

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Medical assistants are vital, versatile members of the
health care industry, performing variety of administrative and clinical tasks
to ensure patients get the care they need. As compassionate organized
individuals, they are involved in providing hands-on patient care as well as
efficient office management, which entail tasks such as:

Assisting with minor surgeries

Evaluating vital signs and measuring patient’s
height and weight

Performing basic laboratory tests

Removing stitches and changing dressings

Scheduling patient’s appointment

Managing medical records and billing

Although, the job seems daunting, studying to become a
medical assistant has many perks.

1)      Minimal Prerequisites

You only need a high school degree or a high school
equivalency to get enrolled for a CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) program. As
soon as you graduate from school, you can step into the health care industry.

2)      Quick entry into the job market

The CMA course can be completed as quick as within 6 months.
This means that straight out of high school with a few months of training, you
are certified to work as a professional.

3)      Present and Future job prospects

As per salary.com, Medical Assistant earn a median annual
salary of $33,733 as of November 28, 2017. Furthermore, medical assistant jobs
are expected to increase by 31% between the years 2010 to 2020 according to US
Bureau of Statistics. A good income and lots of job opportunities awaits you if
you chose to study to be a Medical Assistant.

4)      Flexibility

You don’t have to stick to a 9 to 5 job as medical
assistants work flexible hours – morning, day or night shifts. Moreover, CMA is
well-recognized in all states. So, no
need to limit yourself to one city. Work in New York, Jersey or any other city
of your choice.

5)      Connecting with people

Best of all, you get to change lives. As true as it is for
all those working in health care, Medical assistants get to connect and enrich
the lives of others. This is one of those field where, besides the financial
benefit, you have so much more to gain.

So what’s the delay? Jump start your career in health care
by studying to become a medical assista