Wild making their actions unpredictable. Throughout the countries,

    Wild animals should be kept in their natural habitat, not under the captivity of human beings. They could potentially be dangerous to the owners and others. Due to their nature, wild animals made to be pets are not used to the restrained environment making their actions unpredictable. Throughout the countries, many animals have escaped or been thrown out by their owners, wandering the streets. As a result, many children and adults have been reported being hurt by these.    To begin with, many people overlook the unpredictability of owning wild animals and their complexities.  People get attracted into owning wild animals while they are babies when they seem so cute and harmless. But, when the animal grows up, its character and natural instincts may come to be more than what the owner expected and in turn, making it difficult to manage and creating a conflict between animal and owner.

    In addition, taking care of wild animals can be an overwhelming task due to their unique diets, behavioral and social needs. Sometimes these needs can be difficult to meet as it can become too expensive or hard to find the right balance, at times causing the animals to suffer due to starvation, stress, depression, and anxiety. Many owners have been known to neglect their animals or subject them to harsh conditions.     Furthermore, studies show that wild animals kept in captivity manifest anxious, stressful and depressive behavior that involves repetitive movements like pacing back and forth, head bobbing, frequently retracing their tracks, sitting still and biting themselves or the bars of their cell. These behaviors are due to mental disorders linked to these causes. Some zoos are forced to control their animals behavior by giving them anti-depressants or tranquilizers.Moreover, wild animals carry many diseases that could be critical to the owners and domestic pet’s health. Depending on the disease, it can be quite dangerous.

The diseases can spread through urine, waste and by biting the victim. Procedures for a cure can vary also. In some cases where attention to infections caused by an animal bite is not administered quickly enough, less than one out of ten people will survive.In conclusion, humans are disturbing nature by taking these animals as pets, they risking themselves, others, and especially the animals themselves. Nature moves at its own course and if it doesn’t, it may cause the extinction of many species. Something that is uncommon is desired, yet the animals are the ones who really suffer.