William Blake key themes

What theme links with innocence, religion and purity, especially in the poem the lamb, introduction and the echoing green

What theme links with the poems the lamb, the chimney sweeper, Holy Thursday and blake was influenced by this from a young age

A theme throughout a lot of Blakes poetry, something we all experience from birth to adulthood

A symbol of fertile, innocence, childhood and low age, everyone alive goes through this

A new change in everyday socitey, changes way of living and life

This changes throughout time every where naturally if can take a while and manually it can take a short time to change

Name 3 major themes in Blakes works excluding innocence and experience
Religion nature childhood revolution

Innocence and religion
What are the two most obvious themes running throughout the poems

Childhood nature religion landscape
What themes are there in the poem echoing green and lamb

Religion ,revolution, nature
What themes are in the poem the tiger and little vagabond

Industrial revolution
What was the context that inspired the major themes in the chimney sweep from both inn and exp, London and the tiger ( not childhood and religion)