William II died in 1694 he stood by

William of orange was born on the fourteenth of November in 1650 to the eighth of March in 1702 when he died. William III married Mary II on the eleventh of April in 1689. Mary II didn’t want to marry William III but had to when parliament arranged the marriage. When they married they moved to the Netherlands where Mary’s outgoing personality made her popular with the people. Through Mary hadn’t wanted to marry William III at first, they came to love each other.

In July 1690 William of orange fought the battle of Boyne against James II for Ireland. The fugitive exiled king escapes during the fight. One of the reasons James II had to leave England was parliament wanted a protestant ruler instead of a catholic one. Mary II was a protestant but when William of orange came to dispose of king James II king James II fled leaving William and his army there. Parliament decided to have Mary II and William of orange jointly.

William III mother, William III mother was mary I she was also called bloody mary because she was kind of creepy and insane. Before she ruled lady, jane gray ruled for a very short time because Mary I came to in England to kill her and she succeeded. During her five-year rule she had over 280 people burned at the stake. Williams father was battle craving and fought more than fourteen battles during his reign. His father died eight days before he was born, and his mother only ten years later.

 When mary II died in 1694 he stood by her coffin and fainted. Later in 1702 he fell off his horse when it stumbled in a mole hill. After his death supporters of James II toasted the mole that made his horse trip as” the little gentleman in the velvet waist coat.”. after William died his successor William IV took the throne. Though he only ruled for four years.

William of orange was a very important part of history. William had to put up with a lot.  Due to the deaths of his father, his mother, and his wife. William was a very good example of perseverance, and integrity. William was a great leader and a great role model.