William Shakespeare : Life of Drama

What is William Shakespeare known as?
The Beard

Who was the reigning monarch throughout most of Shakespeare’s career? What was the name of this era?
Queen Elizabeth I is reigning monarch throughout most of is career. The name of the era is Elizabethan.

When are where was Shakespeare born?
Shakespeare was born Spring of 1564- April 23 in Stratford Upon Avon, England

What is the significance of Shakespeare being baptized on April 26?
Its significant because since he was baptized on the 26 we can determine his birthday- no records

During the year in which he was born, what tragedy struck?
the plague

Who were Shakespeare’s parents and what did they do?
Shakespeare’s parents were Mary and John. John was a glover, leatherworker, wool trader, and money leader. Mary influenced Shakespeare

What was Shakespeare’s first experience with the theater?
Shakespeare’s first experience was watching the traveling players

What have the Early Years become known as? During these years, how was he supposedly occupying his time?
The Early Years became know as the Lost years (no records).

Occcupied time by sailor because of sea, solider, traveled to Italy, school master

Whom did Shakespeare marry and at what age? How old was she? Why did he marry her?
Shakespeare married Anne Hathoway at 18, she was 26 and because she was preggo with his kid.

Name Shakespeare’s children
Susanna , Hamnet & Judith

Where did Shakespeare go in the 1580’s?
Shakespeare went to London

What works allowed us to get to know the real Shakespeare?
his sonnets

What are Shakespeare’s jobs while in London?
actor & play write

What type of poetry did Shakespeare write? What about plays?
He wrote comedies and history poems. They think he was not the writer because of his missing life

Who was Shakespeare’s patron?
Earl of Southampton

Explain how Shakespeare might have saved money while writing his plays.
Shakespeare might have saved money by working in a pub at night because he didn’t have to pay for candles

Why did the Theatre close?
The theatre closed because people fled the cities due to the plague – 1,000 people died – 70% chance of dying

What tragic event occurred in 1596? Why is this significant and what was the effect on Shakespeare?
-Son Hamnet died- significant because no male heir to pass everything down to – he was angry

What is the name of the theater in which Shakespeare had a 10% share?
the Globe theater

What are Shakespeare’s most profound works?
Macbeth, King Lear, Ohfellow, Hamnet

What event occurred which caused an end to his career?
The Globe burned down. They lit a cannon & the spark caught on to the roof

Who inherited Shakespeare’s wealth and why was he angry about this?
-Susanna got the $$$- mad because he couldn’t pass his knowledge down to a son- gave 2nd best bed to wifey

When did Shakespeare die?
– on his bday- 23 of April 1616- drank too much wine and ate too much pickled herrings- caught a fever

When were Shakespeare’s plays published? Who was instrumental in making a folio of Shakespeare’s plays?
– 1623; 7 years after he died- Ben Johnson made a folio