Wisdom new job, my dad bought a new

Wisdom does not always come with age, but it is the result of
involvement and understanding. Knowing that life is a constant reroute, I
manage to evolve myself to face its obstacles. Through all of the changes that
had happened in my life, I was able to acquire and maintain my personality as
well as my values which created much of who I am today. Needless to say, my
life has been an endless transition.

I was born and raised in a Vietnamese family. At
a very young age, I vividly remember how it was like to live in a busy and
crowded city. My hometown was immensely similar to the life in New York, which
was noisy and packed with people. The city resembled a puzzle filled with tiny
houses. I had no social activities at all; only the path of going to school and
back home was all I remembered. I was bullied by one of my classmates when I was in elementary
school, and I told myself to forget about it and walked away. It felt like the
world was falling down around me. I just wished that I could move away from
this depressing and disturbing place.

After getting a new job, my dad bought a new house in the suburban
area farther away from the city. The atmosphere was distinguishable. Walking
through the new house’s gate, I could feel the fresh breeze and hear the wind whispering
through the trees. Everything appeared clearer in front of me because my soul
was eased
with peace. I already fell in love with this
place. Due to its vast
amounts of open land, it made me even more eager to explore. I made a lot of
friends at my new school. We used to ride our bikes to explore the area and
discover secret pathways leading back to our homes. Besides that, my friends
and I went kiting, swimming in the river, and enjoyed our spontaneous
lives of being kids.  My neighbors were very friendly and willing to help
when others were in need. Since the majority of them were farmers, I got a
chance to observe and practice their hard work, and it was an eye-opening
experience. Farmers started their jobs before sunrise
and left after sunset. Nevertheless, even the simplest tasks of planting, plowing, digging, and weeding, they
put a lot of effort into their work despite the bad weather. It was not the
farm that made the farmer, but it was all of their sweat and their character
that made them who they are. It was a priceless experience that had occurred in
my life and I was thankful for that. I understood the true meaning of being a
farmer and understood that success only comes to people who strive to achieve
their goals regardless of their hardship.  

Once again, I moved. I came to America when I was fourteen. I
had a bit of culture shock for a while, especially at school. I was too shy to
make new friends. I struggled to understand
and communicate with anyone due to the
language barrier. I was amazed and did not expect the level of competition at
my school; all of my friends seemed to be the smartest and the brightest while
I was just average. My family had high expectations of me. I thought they
were being a bit harsh, but had it been otherwise, I would not be as determined
as I am today. However, I fought through, and I was able to pick up the
American culture which improved my manners and politeness as a person; I felt

I have gone through a few bumpy roads growing up because it
took me a long time to understand what life had to
offer. Thanks to those bumpy roads and the support from my loved ones, I am now
capable of adapting to different environments and situations; they had helped
me find myself and given me many different perspectives of life.