With energy. They want to ensure that is

         With increase demand of energy, the
world face shortage of rescores and some energy supplies considered are harmful
to the environment. Therefore, many contraries look for renewable source of energy.

They want to ensure that is source is eco-friendly, economic and available. One
of the newly discovered renewable energy source is “nuclear energy”.    

main function of a nuclear power plant (NPP), which produces nuclear energy, is
that it produces electrical energy from nuclear energy which comes from
conservation of mass to energy that occur in the fission of atoms .The fuel of
nuclear power plant is the “Uranium”, when atoms fission due to the shooting of
neutron into the atom kernel. During the splitting of atoms, the heat is generated
and accompanied by radiation emission. This Uranium fill in rods with five
meter in length and a diameter about 23 centimeters. Every single rod contains smaller
nuclear fuel tablets which are consisted of enriched Uranium to create possible
nuclear fission chain reaction. As a result, a huge heat energy will be
produced and transferred to a coolant fluid that goes to steam generation (SG),
which generates steam to drive a steam turbine. The steam turbine drive an
electric generator to produce electricity and the coolant pass through a
condensation process to reuse in a continuous loop. 1