with for 25 years, was that people could

with me as I want to connect with them. Compassion is in my nature; I come from a willingness to understand and to be understood. The secret of my show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, that ran for 25 years, was that people could see themselves in me. I used this concept in the beginning of my speech at the Golden Globes to initiate this kind of understanding. In my speech I refer to myself as a “little girl” to provide a retrospective viewpoint for women and girls watching.Q. What tone did you hope to portray to effectively inspire change among the audience?A.  I wanted to have an urgent yet ardent tone to sound passionate about the #metoo movement but to also express its importance. I begin my speech somewhat nostalgic talking about my childhood back in Milwaukee. Now, of course this was a huge award so I address the Hollywood Foreign Press and the most important people in my life, and thank them in an appreciative tone. I felt humbled and I think this demeanor encouraged an empathetic mood among the audience members. The systematic abuse towards women extends beyond the entertainment industry; it really affects all people and everyone must have an understanding about that. I think being sincere in my delivery really allowed for the audience to feel something more. To feel connected to me through a shared passion about a movement I care so strongly about. When I shared the story of Recy Taylor, a woman who was raped walking home from church in 1944, I spoke earnestly, sounding serious in my intentions to inspire the viewers into action. When concluding my speech I knew it would be imperative to leave my viewers with a lasting impression. I slowed my register, every word resonating in the minds of my viewers. I tried to leave them with an optimistic mood that would give them hope that they can create change in their own lives and in the world.Q. How did you hope to persuade your viewers to support your fight against systematic abuse towards women?A. My ultimate goal in talking about the #metoo movement was to inspire and encourage women to speak up and speak out about abuse. The story of Recy Taylor was meant to evoke anger in the audience. Her abusers were never brought to justice! I wanted the audience to insist upon better for the present and future generations of women who deserve justice. Towards the end of my speech I address the girls watching directly. I find that through personal experience girls can often lack a certain level of confidence to stand up for themselves. To stand up for what’s right! I told the girls watching “a new day is on the horizon!”. I want them to move on! To move up in the world and be ready for wherever life takes them and for them to let no one stop them. Not people trying to put them down, not the world’s political climate, but most importantly for girls to never put themselves down. Be confident! Q. How did the audience and current events shape the purpose of your speech?A.  I performed my speech among some of the most influential people in the world as well as a television audience of nearly 20 million people. We are living in a changing time right now with the rise of the sexual assault and harassment allegations in Hollywood. Women are really starting to open up about abuse they have endured, demanding equality. I really allowed for the #metoo movement to influence my speech because the women there, in fact, were protesting the abuse in Hollywood by wearing black. Young people want change and the majority of people who watch the Golden Globes on T.V. range in ages 18-49. To inspire this demographic to demand equal rights and respect for women would be an enormous accomplishment. Q. What was the purpose of this speech?A.  The goal and message of my speech was really to address the systematic abuse towards women, worldwide. The only way women will earn more respect from their male counterparts or superiors is if we, as a people, demand this change. We live in a culture where we value fame. Famous people are idolized and to see people like me, Reese Witherspoon, and Meryl Streep demanding change will inspire others to do the same. If there was one thing to take away from my address it would be to speak your truth.