With that I can help businesses to make

With the gigantic amount of data present in the world today
and the need to harness this information to make businesses more profitable,
Business Analytics has become one of the fastest growing fields. Blue chip
companies have enormous sets of information and they take advantage of these large
datasets by using software tools for big data analysis. With this, I recognized
the importance of learning analytics. Mathematics has always been my favorite
subject in school; Statistics and Calculus being my favorite topics.

Analytics is a field that will always be around as long as
somebody is building the machines because people will always want to know
something and we’ve pretty much figured out how to do so. I want to develop an
expertise in this field so that I can help businesses to make more data-driven
decisions to maximize profit. During my internship, I learned how different
functional teams work in collaboration to deliver a particular project. I
started to see things from a holistic point of view. This is when I started to
shift my focus towards business, along with technology. Post this degree, my
long-term aim is to start off as a Junior Analyst and work on smaller projects
which will help me to work on bigger ones in a seamless manner independently. I
would love to use this knowledge to work for corporate giants like Deloitte,
Scotiabank etc. which have previously recruited students from your MSc program.

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This program offers hands-on experience with real data in
real organizations during the project that will be beneficial to survive in the
corporate world. The 8-10 week summer practicum at the Ivey Analytics Lab
provides real-world experiences where we can apply and complement our in-class
learning. This program is committed to Case-Method Learning. It is a powerful
decision-making approach that becomes ingrained into how you operate. Due to
the quality and rigor of this program, it offers competitive peers to study
with. My short-term goal is to attain excellence in all three aspects of
business analytics; understanding the business side, doing the analysis, and
being able to execute these results by computation. Along with this, your course
focuses on business essentials: 
Accounting, Finance, Leadership, Marketing, Operations, and Strategy.

The MSc in Business Analytics program is like a perfect
harmony to my goals. Businesses do not fully realize the potential that they
would get from business analytics. I am confident that I am well prepared to
meet the demands of your program, and I greatly appreciate your consideration.
I eagerly look forward to being part of your community and add to its