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With the fast pace of life and emergence of brand new innovations, the kitchenware devices are ever changing. Industry leaders are working extra hard to provide only the best to the market. Tefal is one such company that persistently provide some of the best and revolutionary deep fat fryer you will ever find in the market. Since their introduction, deep fat fryers have since grown to become must-have kitchenware in every household. The Tefal actifry deep fat fryer is particularly very popular across many United Kingdom households and in other parts of the world. Most people prefer this deep fryer because of the amazing capabilities it offers them to prepare great fried chips delicacies for their families.This is the right device for people who are searching for the perfect deep fryer that would allow them to enjoy great fried delicacies while at the same time maintain a healthier life. When developing this machine, the Tefal kept in mind the health concern of every individual. That’s why they develop this machine to use far less oil than the ordinary deep fryers allowing you to keep and maintain healthy living while enjoying home cooked chips fries. With the innovative technology that Tefal employs, long gone are the days when you were required to pour insane amount of oil just to deep fry the food. This not only gives you a chance to live a healthy life but also economical and offers you great convenience.As said afore, frying food by using a device that requires you to completely submerge food in the boiling oil is clearly uneconomical and a waste for energy, oil, and most importantly your resourceful time! Obviously this was the traditional way of cooking. Some still practice it though. However, thanks to the brand new and innovative Tefal deep fat fryer, you can bury this practice and use the modern technology that is too economical. Closely attached to this advantage are the safety measures that come as a result of using this innovative and probably best deep fryer. As you may know, chip pan fires accounted to more than half of the home fire tragedy during the last decade. The use of low fat fryer significantly reduces the chip pan fires thus helping keep your home safe. With this, you need as little as 1 spoon of oil to fry enough chips for your family.In terms of functionalities and capabilities, the Tefal deep fat fryer is developed to offer the best. The fat fryer comes with many features and capabilities that make it amongst the best you will find in the market. This is why it is very popular, being used by over 3 million households in United Kingdom. It comes with many great features including digital timer system, basket that automatically rise and lower itself, inspired mixing arm, dishwasher safe parts which are completely separable and many more. In addition, this deep fryer is versatile allowing you to cook not only chips but a wide range of other foods starting from fresh to frozen types. You can actually cook a wide range of foods incl