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Year round schooling makes students more educated. Have you ever struggled in school? If so year round schooling can help you. It can help them remember all of the lessons better. They have a well balanced schedule. And can help teachers and low income parents. You could have many benefits. Year round schooling offers to change the way you look at teachers. During the summer, lots of teachers need get a sent job. This forces many to take lower paying jobs because there are very few education jobs during the summer. If schools were open year round, not only would teachers not have to work a second job, but they also see an increase in their yearly income. The school is divided into four or five different “tracks.” By staggering vacations, overcrowded schools can alleviate some of the stress of having too many students. To fix the flux in student enrollment throughout the year, some schools have created more flexible space within their facility. Studies have shown the children from low-income families stand to benefit the most from year round schooling. Part of it has to do with the fact that shorter breaks help the children retain the information better, and part of it is that it helps keep the impoverished children out of trouble. While wealthier parents can afford summer camps and babysitters; many low-income parents have to leave their child home alone unattended while they go to work.  Year round schooling keeps children in the books and off the streets. They have a better schedule for learning. Currently, schools that are on the summer vacation, usually have two breaks, summer vacation, and a lot of holidays. Although cumulatively there would fewer days off, the frequency of school breaks would be much higher. While year round schooling systems vary, typically schools usually take a two-week break quarter semester. Frequent breaks are good for both student and teachers as they help keep both from burning out early in the year. The three-month summer vacation block may sound great for planning vacations, but in reality, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. By having one large vacation block, parents have to compete in the workplace to get the appropriate time off and travel is more expensive because everyone else is traveling. At the end year round schooling offers more breaks and more opportunities for everyone to take a well-deserved vacation.In traditional schools there are way more disadvantages. One of the reasons is there tuition cost. If your family has a low income family then your sure not going to get everything. You have to pay for textbooks and more. They also have a cramped room. Other people can join and the rooms could get really crowded. If they have more students then its less face to face interaction, which also means that some students could get away with goofing off of class. And my last reason is that they can forget education more quickly. You have 3 months off for school at summer. When you have no school your brain drains with the information that you learned. Which means that teachers have to do more reviews on things that your supposed to know from last time. In conclusion traditional schools have way more cons. Better education in year round schooling. When you were going through school, did any of your classes finish the textbook? I know mine didn’t.  Those three months students take for summer break severely shortens the time a teacher has with their students. By switching to a year-round schedule, teachers will have much more time to go over lessons and help students. Critical lessons will no longer be shortened to fit the calendar. Instead of waiting for the next school year to start, more advanced children would be able to just go to the next level. Also, the constant learning environment takes away the emphasis of when the student started school and instead emphasizes skill and aptitude. While kids love summers, their brains do not. By going three months without using critical thinking, children are losing a good bit of what they have learned each year.  At the end of the long break, teachers are finding themselves having to take extra time out of their day to re-teach their students the things they already learned the previous year. Three months might not sound very long, but for a child, it can seem like a lifetime. It’s all about scale.  You’ll never use your work skill in that time, and expect to work as well as you did beforehand? As you can see year round schooling can have many advantages. They have more benefits for teachers and parents. They also will make students more advanced. And they can help students remember lessons. As you can tell year round schooling is the way to go.