You receive a return on your warranty if

You should register your products with themanufacturer as they can place the warranty on your piece of hardware, thismeans that you can get it replaced for free if you are still in your warranty timelimit, if you are within the time limit you can get the manufacture to send outa returns van to pick up your faulty equipment. You’ll usually receive a returnon your warranty if parts are faulty or some of your equipment isn’t compatible,your warranty may not be seen through by the manufacturer if; The warranty period is expired,  The warranty label is broken or removed, Theserial number label is missing or unrecognizable, The product has been modifiedor repaired by any unauthorized service centre or personnel, The defect wassubject to abuse, improper use not conforming to product manual instructions,or environment conditions more severe than those specified in the manual andspecification. The defect was subject to Force Majeure, such as acts of God,flood, lighting, earthquake, war, vandalism, theft, brownouts or sags (damagedue to low voltage disturbances).  Anexample I will use for the returns procedure on warranties will be NVidia, theywill Repair, or if repair isnot possible, replace your defective Warranted Product.

Replacement partsand/or products may include new or refurbished parts or products and arewarranted only until the expiration of the original warranty period. To processreturns NVidia will send you an email telling you if your request has beenapproved or denied. If it is approved you will get told to send the componentback to NVidia in the original packaging, this should be done within 15 days ofreceiving your confirmation. NVidia will then process your return if it isdeemed acceptable they will then either repair your faulty equipment, send youa new piece of hardware, or if you have chosen it they will give you a refundon the full price of the product.

When the process is done NVidia will send youa final confirmation email to tell you that the process is over and you should receiveyour new component or refund either now or soon.