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You’ll find many ultrawide monitors on the market that offers FreeSync compatibility. But the ASUS Designo MZ34VQ is the best among them as it has more effective features than other Free-Sync equipped monitors. Let’s take a look at this beautiful ultrawide gaming display and its features.The ASUS Designo MX34VQ ultra-wide monitor has a curved 34″ 1440p VA display panel and a 21:9 aspect ratio. The main feature of the MX34VQ is its FreeSync tech equipped flicker-free display, high-quality speakers, 100Hz refresh rate and a Qi-charging dock.Let me tell you the benefits of AMD’s FreeSync technology. It allows the graphics card to dynamically control the refresh rate of a connected monitor. Most monitors are locked into 60Hz refresh rate, but ultrawide gaming monitors have a higher refresh rate from 75Hz to 144Hz and even 200Hz. Now, when you enable FreeSync, the display will refresh the image in sync with the game that you are playing, up to its maximum level, and adjust down when necessary at any frame rate.This prevents stuttering and screen tearing in gameplay. So you’ll notice a fluid and lag-free performance as soon as you enable FreeSync. It also eliminates image tearing and choppiness for smooth gameplay.Now, let’s get back to the ASUS Designo MX34VQ. It’ll cost less than the AOC AGON AG352UCG, another FreeSync enabled ultrawide gaming monitor. But the best thing is, it has the same 34″ 1440p 100Hz screen with 4ms response time.That’s not all, Asus also included some exclusive GamePlus features on this monitor for gamers too.Moreover, the ASUS MX34VQ has a built-in Wireless Qi charging station. You can charge your compatible smartphone with it. You can connect your pc to the ASUS MX34VQ via the HDMI and DisplayPort. Also, there are audio ports for the built in speakers. Surprisingly, these 8W speakers offer exceptional sound quality. Unfortunately, the monitor doesn’t support VESA mount and other adjustments.You see, the lower price of this monitor makes it more convenient than other similar Free-Sync 1440p ultrawide displays. This will allow you to invest the extra bucks that you saved on other pc components instead.