You’ve and more popular over the time –

You’ve probably heard about the theory that the United States have never actually landed on the moon and that the whole thing was just an elaborate hoax. Right now, there are 20% of Americans who believe in this theory that is becoming more and more popular over the time – let’s take a look at some of the reasons behind it:1.The deadly radiation beltIf the NASA astronauts ever got to the moon, they certainly passed through the so-called Van Allen radiation belt, which is located above the Earth’s atmosphere and it’s considered by the conspiracy theorists to be impassable, as the levels of radiation in it are humongous and would kill everyone who would try to get through it. NASA claims that it takes a very short amount of time to pass the belt and the doses of received radiation are very small.2.The problem with the waving flagThis is one of the most common reasons that makes people believe that the moon landing was fake. The viewers of the landing could clearly see how the American flag waves and flutters, with the (pretty obvious) problem here being the fact that the moon has no atmosphere, which means that there is no wind and nothing could cause the flag to wave. NASA says that this rippled effect is caused by the fact that flag was unfurled before it was planted into the ground.3.The fake rockIn one of the famous photos from the event, we can easily a see a rock that has a large “C” letter written on it. Is this a piece of the set where the “landing” was filmed? The letter “C” seems to be pretty symmetrical and the chances of this being a natural occurrence are pretty small. As far as NASA is concerned, that’s just a practical joke of some photographic developer.4.The lack of starsThis is one of the most compelling arguments for the moon landing being just a hoax – there are no stars in any video or photo from it! As you already know, the moon has no clouds, and it should be very easy to see stars from it, yet there are none. NASA’s argument is that photos are of low quality and, therefore, we can’t see any stars on them.5.Multiple sources of lightAs there is only one strong source of light on the moon, which is the Sun, it’s pretty weird that the photos and videos of the moon landing have so many shadows that are falling in the different directions. The conspiracy theorists are suggesting that this is the ultimate evidence that proves that the whole thing was filmed on a film set. NASA says that the shadows are caused by hills on the surface of the moon.