Yuanyuan personal care services such as therapy and

Yuanyuan XingProfessor NolascoHUMA D050.03January 14 2018Personal Care—the necessity of modern life Believe it or not, personal care services such as therapy and meditation are becoming the essential part of people lives. Especially in the modern society, with the increasing life strength, and the speeding up of the pace of work, people tend to experience more mental disorders. For example, anxiety disorders. According to Cambridge English Dictionary¹, there are two definitions of ‘personal care’. One is the activity of looking after your hair, face, skin, teeth, etc, the other is the job of helping people who not having one or more of the physical or mental abilities that most people have. In my view, the personal care services which aim to assist people who have mental disabilities is a necessity of a civilized society.The anxiety disorders as a group are one of the most prevalent mental health conditions². Research shows that one in nine people throughout the world has an anxiety symptom in 2012. Unlike physical disabilities, mental problems can not be easily perceived. This greatly increased the difficulty of diagnosis. Anxiety disorder is closely connected with fear. People with anxiety are excessively anxious, fearful, or preferring to stay in personal space oneself. Individuals are used to avoiding perceived threats³  in the environment. The avoidant behaviours include refusal to enter in situations to ease the tensions on objects or people to cope. It was the third year of high school when I was diagnosed with anxiety symptoms. I remembered the pressure of college examination is too high. Besides, I do not learn methods to cope with periods of depression or social anxiety. I gave up ‘Gaokao’ in China. Instead, I chose to take language exams to study abroad. With continuous treatments the past 2 years, I learned some mindfulness tools like sand tray, running and mandala painting. I felt the life is good and bright whenever I saw the colorful painting that were painted by myself; After running, the slight gasping and feeling of little tired are what I enjoyed most among all therapy tools.Although fear and anxiety are common in daily life, only be marked persistent(for at least 6 months), and associated with social or other areas of impairments of functioning are diagnosed with anxiety disorders. Onset of many types of anxiety disorders is in childhood, adolescence or even infancy. During infancy, people behave as separation or stranger shyness,while show fears for thunder, lightning, fire, water, or darkness in their childhood. From 6 to 12, they begin to experience school anxiety or performance anxiety. Throughout adulthood, fears or anxiety emerge into periods of life stress, fear of negative evaluation or peer rejection. I think people’s mental health needs given more attention especially for children and teenagers. In early 20 century, there is nearly no psychology class in elementary schools and middle schools in China. This is not good for students mental health because the evolution of a mental disabilities always start at an early age. Helping students know about the knowledge and inner mechanism of cognition is good for their later development. Some people are not willing to chat with psychologist or therapist even though they have serious psychological problems. The main reason is afraid of being laughed by other people4. In Chinese traditions, we outweigh groups than individuals, which means we do not pay enough attention to each person’s mental health. However mental problem is common like any physical sickness such as fever or cough which is only a sickness. A person who didn’t want to say his name once proudly said: “I am very lucky. I have a good health. I have a fitness coach. My mental health is with my therapist. Both the body and the psychology are professionally cared for.” Above all, I think people should place more emphasis on and give more tolerance, understanding and support to personal care services especially treatment for mental illness.ReferenceCambridge University Press, (2008), Definition of “personal care” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary Kessler RC, Ruscio AM, Shear K, Wittchen HU. Epidemiology of anxiety disorders. Curr Top Behav Neurosci 2010; 2: 21–35.Craske MG, Rauch SL, Ursano R, Prenoveau J, Pine DS,Zinbarg RE. What is an anxiety disorder? Depress Anxiety 2009;26: 1066–85http://www.xinli001.com/info/100356019.Youqing Zhen.The four most common psychological counseling misconceptions. October 10, 2016