Yum,Yum,Yum”. every day. To begin with, people would

Yum,Yum,Yum”. Do you like a cold refreshing water with 4 ice cubes? Water helps us get hydrated and full of energy. What would the world look like without water? People can use water for many things every day.   To begin with, people would not be able to do water sports.  By this I mean people wouldn’t get to experience sports like water skiing that includes water, (if there wasn’t water). For example one day when I was 3 years old I saw olympics diving and swimming.  I saw about swimming and asked my dad lets go swimming for the first time. For example, some people might hate the other sports out there, (like me).Furthermore, people might like a sport that doesn’t get sweaty and a sport that they would enjoy swimming and playing in water. In addition, people might hate sports that includes balls that might hurt them. To a relief, swimming is the choice for those people. Secondly, water helps us get food  like vegetable,fruit, and many other things. To clarify, we would not be alive and without food.There will be no life on earth. For instance, when I was 6 I had a friend who didn’t have that much money to buy enough vegetable. She couldn’t get enough water too. I told my family about my friend and we offered her $500. We grow vegetable with water, that’s where we get our nutrients. However, we get water from vegetables too, and stay hydrated eating vegetable. When we grow the vegetable the water will absorb through the vascular. Also vegetables are in all of our meals every day. Lastly, water is important to all humans,animals, and plants.In other words, water helps humans,animal, and plants from dehydration. As a matter of fact, My friend and I went on a retreat  up the mountains. We needed to walk to a place where it had clean fresh water. We had to fill the bucket with the water. As I was walking past plants I saw that some plants were dead because they didn’t get enough water.I was getting sad until I walked by a dead animal. I was wondering why it died, I was wondering dehydration. On one hand, water helps  plants by transporting important nutrients throughout the plants.On the other hand, plants need water to reproduce itself and have water to keep itself alive. In this case, there is about 80% of water in our body?. For this reason, water is important to me because our body must replace a lot of litter. In a animals body there is about 60% of water, in a plant´s body there is about 90% of water. Consequently, water is important to animals because it helps them build body fluids. In conclusion, I cannot live a day without water. Water is the most important thing in life. Having water will leave me to drink the last single drop of water off my cup.