Zue’s Diary

The actions of yesterday were a reminder to those of Thebes – especially Oedipus- that Gods are ultimately more powerful then humans. I love my children of Thebes, but ‘blind trust’ in Oracle’s prophecies and Gods needed to be re-established. Because Oedipus was leading the people of Thebes -through his own hubris- to believe that he was of a grand level.

My children who filled the air “of frankisence, so full of hymns and prayers and lamentations” (line 4-5) were forced to suffer in cause of Oedipus. For those who have had loved ones die and for those who struggled through this period, I hope that I have been able to restore or if not maintain your recognition towards the Gods and Oracles. Along with my children of the heavens, I will send help to you; if your prayers and sacrifices occur out of respect and not as a cry for help.

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Oedipus dismissed Teiresius’ judgement and the oracles prophecy, he even believed that by leaving Corinth he would be able to prove his prophecy incorrect. However, this lack of belief is what lead to his dramatic downfall. The plague and the Sphinx were sent to make Oedipus and the people believe in the Gods, because both of which had been mislead, the people by Oedipus and his hubris and Oedipus himself finds it in his own blood. Oedipus’ actions in regards to Jocasta and Laius were not being punished but his lack of belief that he led the people and himself with was. Rightly so, (as he did break some of the most important moral rules) he, with the “golden brooches” (line 1269) blinded himself symbolically so that he can now not see the sins that blinded him from the truth that he can see – that the Gods are ultimately more powerful then humans.

Oedipus (line 1500) said that both Antigone and Ismene are cursed because of his actions; and he is correct. They are now a living reminder of his disbelief and a warning to those who begin to take on such hubris as Oedipus. His hamartia of not knowing his own true identity caused this all, so in fact those that should be punished have been punished are Jocasta and Laius for initiating this disbelief. It all started when they thought that if a Shepard would kill him for them they could disprove the prophecy. In doing so, their arrogance lead to Oedipus’ hubris. On the other hand though this doesn’t mean that Oedipus was simply disregarded, he exiled and blinded himself so I see that there is no further punishment necessary.

In time Thebes should heal mentally and physically, but Creon seems power hungry. His decision, on based on his recent rise to the thrown, was to iterate his power as king.